Church News for Thursday, Jan. 24

Published 10:13 am Friday, January 25, 2013

Calvary Independent Baptist Church

We want to thank everyone for attending services this weekend. Sunday morning’s service included a message from John 3:12-14 on how man, in his natural state, possesses no ability to get to heaven. Only through God providing a way for us will we be able to see and enter heaven. In John 14:6, it is clear that Jesus is the only way. We hope you have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and know the joy of serving him as the Lord of your life.

Sunday night’s service included a message from Isaiah 64:8 on how the Lord is busy shaping the lives of Christians into a vessel for our master’s use. Are you fully trusting in the Lord as the potter of your life? Are you allowing him to mold and shape every aspect of your life, molding you into a glorious new creation? Sometimes, it seems that people are afraid to serve God, and afraid of becoming a Christian. However, a biblical Christian life is the most exciting life anyone could ever experience.

We invite you to visit for any of our services. We are located south of Clanton, just past Dollar General, off U.S. 31 on Fulmer Drive. Sunday school: 9 a.m., Junior Church and adult worship services: 10 a.m., Wednesday night service: 6:30 p.m. For more information, call Pastor Oscar Mims at 205-755-9399.

Jackson Chapel Church

Bro. Gary Fant got the morning worship service started off with “Love Lifted Me” and “When We All Get To Heaven.” Bro. Dennis Smith blessed us with a very touching song titled “He Didn’t Throw the Clay Away.” Bro. Dennis’ text came from Psalm 1:1-6, with a message titled “What Makes a Happy Man?” If we, as Christians, are going to be truly happy with the things of God, we can’t place our hands on the things of the world. We can’t live for God on Sunday and Satan during the week. We have to make up our minds whether we’re going to serve Jesus Christ or Satan. If we learn to live for Jesus Christ, he has so much to offer for us, but we’ve got to learn to accept his will for our lives because he knows what is best. Jesus Christ can make us some of the happiest people on the face of this earth. Jesus can give us the joy we never knew we could have, but only if we give up the things of the world that hinder our relationship with him and live for him.

Bro. Gary Fant got the evening worship service started off with “At Calvary,” “The Glory Land Way” and “I’m Too Near Home to Turn Back Now.” Bro. Dennis Smith blessed us with “I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before.” Bro. Dennis’ text came from Acts 13:21-22: If we’re going to win the battle over Satan, we’ve got to know what the word of God says. If we’re not familiar with what the word of God says, there is no way we can fight the battle. We need to have a desire to learn more about the word of God, but if we don’t read and study the Bible, there is no way we can grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. If we are truly a person after God’s own heart, we will have a desire to be where God is.

Happy Birthday to Sandy Strength.

Please remember these as you pray this week: the Rhodes family, the James Johnson family, Juanita Wilkins, Marie Johnson, Steven Matthews, Amy Solis, our service men and women and our lost loved ones.

On Sunday night, Jan. 27, we will have The Kempters with us, and the singing will start at 6 p.m.; everyone is welcome to attend.

We are located at 4020 Yellow Leaf Road, Clanton. Our service times are Sunday school: 10 a.m., Sunday morning worship: 11 a.m., Sunday evening worship 6 p.m. and Wednesday evening Bible study: 7 p.m.