Emergency responder assaulted while giving aid

Published 6:34 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A victim in need of emergency response last week wound up being arrested and charged with assaulting someone who was trying to help her.

Brianna Lynette Kinsler, James Adolphus Peake Jr. and Iteshia Monae Christian were all arrested on Jan. 5 after Clanton Fire Department was dispatched to a residence on First Avenue in Clanton for an asthma attack, according to a press release from Fire Marshall Cameron Bates.

Kinsler, who was suffering from the attack, became combative after firefighters and police arrived on the scene and were trying to render aid, Bates said in the release. Kinsler struck a firefighter in the face.

As firefighters and police were subduing Kinsler, Peake and Christian became involved in the struggle.

Bates ordered Peake and Christian arrested, while Kinsler was arrested after receiving treatment at Shelby Baptist Medical Center.

“It’s a sad day in society when you have to worry about the person that called for you to help attacks you,” Bates said in the release.

The firefighter received minor injuries and was treated on the scene and released.

“In today’s world, not only does the fireman have to worry about the dangers of their jobs, such as buildings collapsing that are on fire and so forth, but now we have to worry about the people that ask for help attacking us,” CFD Chief David Driver said.

Kinsler was charged with second-degree assault, Peake was charged with second-degree assault and obstructing a governmental operation, and Christian was charged with second-degree assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and two counts of obstructing governmental operations.

Bates said Driver and Clanton Police Chief Brian Stilwell met before the incident, and Driver had requested Stilwell have police respond when possible to all fire/rescue calls.

“While use of drugs is not known in this case, we are seeing so many that are abusing narcotics, and it is making them more and more violent, increasing the risk to our public safety first responders,” Stilwell said. “These firemen volunteer, and they do not need to be attacked when they go to help someone in need.”