Alternative options for disposing Christmas trees

Published 3:56 pm Friday, December 21, 2012

The Alabama Cooperative Extension System is encouraging alternative disposing methods of live-cut Christmas trees this year.

Although most cities in Chilton County will pick up the live-cut trees with the limb and brush trucks if they are placed along the curb in front of residential homes, lab technician at the St. Clair County Extension office Wendy Ulrich said recycling the Christmas trees could be a beneficial option.

“There are many ways to recycle or dispose of a Christmas tree,” Ulrich said in a release. “Trees can be turned into compost, bird feeders, wildlife habitat, marsh nourishment and in lakes and ponds for a fish habitat.”

Ulrich said a fun family option is to place the tree in the backyard and decorate it with popcorn strings and suet (beef fat) filled pinecones for the birds.

“You can also cut up the tree for firewood to use with a fireplace or a wood stove,” Ulrich said.

Ulrich said when recycling the trees to not forget about ways to recycle other holiday leftovers such as live wreaths, garland and cardboard boxes that gifts came in.

“The wreath can be disposed of in the same way as the tree but be sure and remove the wreath frame if there is one,” Ulrich said. “The boxes may be composted and later added to the garden.”

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