Officers receive medals

Published 4:46 pm Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Clanton Police Department recently awarded several officers for their outstanding service, duty and performance to their job and to the citizens of the State of Alabama.

The Officer of the Year award went to officer Donald Giles, a 10-year employee of the CPD, for his actions in apprehending two suspects that were attempting to break into the city shop while he was off duty.

A Life-Saving Medal went to Chief Brian Stilwell, Capt. David Clackley, Sgt. Robert Bland, Cpl. David Kline, officer Tera Mayfield and officer Darrel Bone for their actions while working Homeland Security at the fall Talladega race. The officers located and assisted a female trapped in a building, unconscious and not breathing. They were able to provide life saving measures learned from training and were able to resuscitate the female.

Another Life-Saving Medal went to officer Justin Beane for his response to a call about a male on a railroad track. The officer was able to remove himself and the male from the path of an oncoming train within seconds of it striking them.

Sgt. Cameron Bates, Cpl. Whitney Ray, Bland and Clackley all received recognition for an outstanding performance on a murder investigation with the Clanton Police Department and Dallas County Sheriff’s Department. They were able to locate a suspect, find key evidence and get a confession within six hours of the victim being reported missing.

Each officer received a medal and ribbon to wear on their uniform to show their commitment to excellence. The medal program was implemented to promote morale, as well as give officers credit for the job they do. A fellow officer, supervisor or a private citizen can nominate an officer for a medal.