Second-graders learn about shapes from the playground

Published 3:49 pm Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Clanton Elementary second-graders from Shellie Bice's green module class presented their project, "Adventure Time," during a special assembly Tuesday morning in the school cafeteria.

Two classes of second-graders at Clanton Elementary had the opportunity to use something practical and fun, a playground, to help in learning more about geometry.

The two classes presented projects they worked on at a special assembly Tuesday morning in the school’s lunchroom.

Special education teacher Renee Ousley said the students were able to learn about labeling shapes and angles as well as working with a team by observing the school’s discovery play area.

“The kids were covering two dimensions and three dimensions in math so we decided to let them use what they were learning in observing an actual playground,” Ousley said. “They put together a project showing the different items they learned about by studying their shapes and angles.”

Second-grade teacher Shellie Bice’s green module class titled their project, “Adventure Time,” with swings, slides, monkey bars, a zip-line, music area, rock wall, walkway and a landscape area using different shapes.

“We worked on shapes like circles, triangles, trapezoids and hexagons as they observed the playground area,” Bice said. “It was just a fun way for them to be able to apply what they were learning in math to something like a playground.”

Second-grade teacher Amy Barker’s brown module class named their project the “Cool Adventure Playground.”

The students were broken up into groups of three and taken to the playground area to observe the playground equipment and compare it to the shapes they were learning about.

After analyzing the equipment, the students put together a display of the different things that compared to the particular shapes they were learning about as well as proposed new ideas for what they would like to see added to the playground.

Some of the ideas included a trampoline area, flower garden and skateboard ramp.

“This was just a fun project for the students to put together,” Ousley said. “They were able to take what they were learning in the classroom and apply it to something they all enjoy.”