COMMUNITY COLUMN: Sounds shift with the seasons

Published 3:40 pm Friday, December 14, 2012

By Peggy Bullard

Summer brings the noise of many boat motors, but we like to think of it as the sound of fun in the sun.


Other sounds heard are laughter and squeals of delight, or maybe terror as some brave ones leap from rock walls, piers or tumble off a ski or a tube. There are fireworks, music and don’t forget the barking dogs as they proudly become the mascot in the very front of many a boat. Doesn’t everyone on Lake Mitchell own a dog? Waves splashing from a soft gentle breeze, the squeak of a swing as you relax and listen to a bird’s song. These are just a few of my favorite sounds.

Labor Day arrives, and everyone plays and works hard to squeeze as much out of the last big weekend as possible. There are happy and sad emotions now as all the “people activity” gradually comes to an end. When this happens, you can quietly sit back and watch as God takes out his paintbrush and very meticulously begins to change the rich green landscape to beautiful hues of gold, red and orange.

The reflection of these colors on the smooth, still lake is an awesome site to behold. The only sound heard now might be the rustling of the leaves as they slowly rain to the ground or maybe the crunches of them under your feet as you take a walk.

Changing of seasons: Fall on Lake Mitchell produces some beautiful scenes.

There could be an occasional hum of a pontoon boat as people take a quiet ride to see fall décor on the lake before they completely close down for winter and the holidays. The Home Owners Boat Owners Association has its fall clean up, and people come to help keep Lake Mitchell beautiful.

After that, there are a few fishing tournaments, but most of the lake becomes settled and quiet. That is unless you are a wood duck. Twenty-six of them have been entertaining us for about a month now: swimming, diving, splashing and flying across the lake. They play with the same enthusiasm as a group of children, and it brings a smile to our face.

Thanksgiving on the lake is much the same as in the city. It is complete with turkey and dressing, ball games and family and the sound you hear is love.

Then there is winter. Still! The sound is quiet. Can you hear it?

–Peggy Bullard is a community columnist for the Lake Mitchell area. Her column appears monthly.