Benefit scheduled for Jemison man battling cancer

Published 2:00 pm Thursday, November 29, 2012

When Jemison resident Jason Perdue found out he had Stage 4 brain cancer his friends and family wanted to create ways to help Perdue and his family.

Family friend Johanna Morgan decided to organize a benefit and auction Dec. 1 from 1-6 p.m. at the Jemison Municipal Auditorium for a bake sale, auction, raffle and barbecue lunch with all the proceeds going to help with medical expenses for Perdue.

Perdue, 38, originally from Millbrook, was diagnosed with Stage 1 brain cancer in August 2000. After undergoing treatments he was determined to be cancer- free until October 2012 when the cancer returned as Stage 4.

“It has just been really hard finding out the cancer returned and a lot worse than what he had before,” Morgan said.

Morgan said one of the major differences with Perdue’s second fight against cancer is the addition of a 9-month-old little girl named Bentligh to Perdue and his wife Whitney.

“Things are different for Perdue this time with a new baby and a new house,” Morgan said. “He has a family to support and is unable to work due to having chemotherapy treatments so we wanted to figure out a way to help alleviate the financial burdens his family might have.”

Morgan said people throughout the community have stepped up to help and have offered to bake cakes, muffins and breads for the bake sale on Saturday as well as local businesses helping out with the silent auction.

There will also be a barbecue and hot dog lunch with chips and a drink being sold for $5 during the event.

“Perdue is being hit hard treatment wise right now and he needs to worry about his treatments and fighting all of this instead of worrying about coming up with money to pay the bills,” Morgan said. “This event is something we could put together with the tremendous help of the community to support them.”

Morgan said T-shirts have also been created as a fundraiser for the family and will be available at the event on Saturday.

“We have had so many different people throughout the community step up and try to figure out how they can help,” Morgan said. “It has been a massive coming together of friends and family saying they want to help in any way they can which has been a tremendous blessing.”

Morgan said Perdue is attempting to show up to the event on Saturday if he has enough energy from the chemotherapy treatment.

“He told me Lord willing he will be there on Saturday,” Morgan said.

Morgan said those who would like to help donate for the bake sale can donate as late as the event on Saturday.

For more information, call Morgan at (205) 296-5826.