COMMUNITY COLUMN: Life on the lake

Published 9:49 am Wednesday, November 28, 2012

By Peggy Bullard

My name is Peggy Bullard, and my husband I lived in Hueytown for more than 30 years before retiring to beautiful Lake Mitchell.

Yes, Hueytown was the home of many of the well-known racecar drivers like Neil Bonnet, Bobby and Davy Allison and much further back Red Farmer.


We were not huge NASCAR fans but followed the races during those years because we lived near and knew many of them personally.

Our story is unique in how we ended up at Lake Mitchell. We were campers, and one year our favorite place to go was closed for renovations. Our friends offered their cabin here on Lake Mitchell.

We took them up on their generosity, and after many trips to their cabin, we began to dream of having our own place. That in itself is a longer story, but in 1985, we were able to purchase a small cinder block cabin on leased property and in much need of love and care.

There were not two more suitable people for this job. Our dream at that time was not large enough to incorporate owning land and a home suitable for retirement, but in 2000 that became a reality.

We tell people, “We wake up on vacation every morning.”

We both love Chilton County and the small town of Clanton and hope never to have to return to the bigger cites.

There are no college degrees or titles after my name unless you consider EXP, which stands for “experience.”

I was offered a job at Engel Mortgage Company three days after graduation. I took the job, giving up my deposit to attend a local business college; therefore, I have a lifetime of experience versus degrees. I’m not recommending this. It is just my “experience.”

During my 30-plus years in Hueytown, I had many titles including mortgage clerk, stay-at-home mom, secretary, marketing assistant, computer aide and substitute elementary teacher. I was self-employed in a contract cleaning service and later as a caterer.

Since retirement I volunteer as the photographer for Home Owners Boat Owners (H.O.B.O.) and scrapbook all of the events for the organization.

Life is beautiful on Lake Mitchell, and I hope to share some of it with all the readers out there.

Hopefully you will come visit and enjoy this place as much as we do.

–Peggy Bullard is a community columnist for the Lake Mitchell area. Her column appears monthly.