Jemison sets speed limit in front of city hall

Published 8:18 pm Monday, November 19, 2012

The Jemison City Council voted in favor of posting a speed limit on a city street that sees heavy traffic and instances of motorists going too fast.

A 15-mph speed limit was set at a council meeting Monday for Padgett Lane, the street running between Jemison City Hall and Regions Bank where Jemison employees and residents said they saw motorists speeding sometimes.

The speed limit applies to Padgett Lane as the stretch of road from U.S. Highway 31 to the intersection of Main Street in Jemison.

The street previously did not have a speed limit posted.

“The danger is we have a lot of people driving into the bank,” Mayor Eddie Reed said at the council meeting Monday. “We’ve had almost narrow hits out there.”

Police Chief Shane Fulmer and other officers who also had witnessed speeding on Padgett Lane made the recommendation to post a speed limit there.

“We’ve had some complaints,” Fulmer said. “It is a bad spot anyway, and we feel like it will help us slow it down.”

In other new business, the council accepted an order from the Chilton County Circuit Court stating that Pine Hill Cemetery is property of the city of Jemison.

Citizens had expressed concerns to the council about the construction and use of roads and driveways in certain areas of the cemetery in 2011, but the original title to Pine Hill Cemetery did not suggest the city had any ownership despite its maintenance of the cemetery grounds for years.

In Monday’s meeting, the council also:

•Appointed Dale Wade as the city’s court prosecutor.

•Approved to amend an ordinance pertaining to business licenses and changed the issuance fee from $10 to $12, effective Jan. 1, 2013, in accordance with a notice from the state that each municipality has permission to increase the fee up to $12.

•Approved an agreement with the Chilton County Master Gardeners on a year-to-year basis allowing them to plant flowers around the city twice a year and to show city employees how to maintain them. As part of the agreement, the Master Gardeners will provide the first installment of flowers for free, and Jemison will pay for the second installment, which is estimated to cost between $300-$500.

•Approved a sign for the Jemison Wedding Chapel to be placed on County Road 42 near McDonalds.

•Agreed to waive a $500 fee for organizers of a benefit and auction for Jason Perdue of Jemison to use the Jemison Municipal Complex auditorium on Dec. 1.