Clanton Fire Department reports for the week of Nov. 5, 2012

Published 2:37 pm Thursday, November 8, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Clanton Fire Department from Oct. 24-30:

Oct. 24
•General illness: 1400 Block Old Thorsby Road
•Difficulty breathing: 400 Block Thrash Road

Oct. 25
•General illness: 1600 Block Lay Dam Road
•General illness: 700 Block Inverness Drive
•Diabetic emergency: 2800 Block Seventh St. N.
•Seizure: 900 Block Sixth Ave. N.
•Overdose: 300 Block Debra Ave.

Oct. 26
•Structure fire: 800 Block County Road 402
•Difficulty breathing: 400 Block Thrash Road
•Public assist: 100 Block Thompson Ave.
•Seizure: 2200 Block Seventh St. S.
•Smoke investigation: Interstate 65 at 207 Mile Marker

Oct. 27
•Chest pain: 200 Block Ollie Ave.
•Structure fire: 600 Block County Road 448
•Gun shot wound: 200 Block First Ave.
•Helicopter landing zone: Price Drive
•Chest pain: 200 Block Town Mart
•Vehicle accident: Interstate 65 at 208 Mile Marker

Oct. 28
•Vehicle accident: 1400 Block Old Thorsby Road
•Chest pain: 300 Block City St.
•Vehicle accident: Seventh Ave. N. and Eighth St. N.
•Chest pain: 200 Block Ollie Ave.

Oct. 29
•Public assist: 100 Block Thompson Ave.
•Chest pain: 1100 Block Lay Dam Road
•Vehicle accident: Second Ave. N. and Martin Luther King St.
•Blood pressure check: 100 Block Sixth St. S.
•Difficulty breathing: 500 Block Ashley Court

Oct. 30
•General illness: 2800 Block 7th Street N.
•Chest pain: 1000 Block Lay Dam Road
•Chest pain: 3000 Block Seventh St. N.
•Altered mental status: 1400 Block Seventh St. S.
•Structure fire: 100 Block Maplewood Drive
•Fall: 1800 Block Fourth Ave. N.
•Seizure: 1600 Block YellowLeaf Road

Chilton County Sheriff’s

The following is an activity report of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department from Oct. 24-30:

Oct. 24
•Transfer of found property: Highway 155, Montevallo
•Possession of marijuana, second degree: U.S. Highway 31 and Franklin St., Thorsby
•Domestic violence, third degree: Verbena
•Assault, third degree: Clanton
•Theft of property, third degree; criminal mischief, third degree: Clanton

Oct. 25
•Criminal mischief; theft of property, first degree; burglary, third degree: 4400 Block U.S. Highway 21, Verbena
•Torture/willful abuse of a child: 3000 Block County Road 607, Clanton
•Animal complaint: yard/fence line, Clanton
•Incident: 1500 Block County Road 478, Verbena
•Theft of property, first degree: 30700 Block U.S. Highway 82, Maplesville
•Death investigation Verbena

Oct. 26
•Domestic violence, third degree; domestic dispute: Maplesville
•Burglary, third degree; theft of property, second degree: Clanton
•Burglary, third degree; theft of property, third degree: Verbena
•Possession of a controlled substance; possession of drug paraphernalia; assault, third degree: 4000 Block County Road 29, Thorsby
•Theft of property, second degree: 31200 Block U.S. Highway 31, Calera

Oct. 27
•DUI, alcohol; carrying a pistol unlawfully; open container of alcohol in a vehicle; improper turn: Fifth St. and Sixth St., Clanton
•Theft of property, first degree: 100 Block County Road 781, Randolph
•Harassing communications: Verbena
•Information report: 400 Block County Road 428, Clanton
•Harassing communications: Maplesville
•Harassing communications: Jemison
•Theft of property, third degree: 1300 Block County Road 131, Jemison
•Theft of property, first degree: 600 Block County Road 41, Clanton
•Possession of a controlled substance; promote prison contraband: 301 City St.

Oct. 28
•Juvenile complaint: 100 Block County Road 375, Billingsley
•Minor in possession of alcohol (consumption): 2200 Block Seventh St. S., Clanton
•Damage to vehicle: County Road 377, Verbena
•Theft of property, first degree: 1500 Block County Road 216, Thorsby
•Possession of marijuana, second degree: 21000 U.S. Highway 31, Thorsby

Oct. 29
•Death investigation: County Road 51, Verbena
•Theft of property, second degree: County Road 61, Clanton
•Incident: 2200 Block County Road 47, Clanton
•Possession of a pistol by a violent felon; operating a vehicle without insurance: Fourth Ave. S. and Martin Luther King Jr. St., Clanton
•Sexual abuse: 800 Block County Road 406, Clanton

Oct. 30
•Assault, third degree: 1700 Block County Road 55, Clanton
•Harassing communications: 100 Block County Road 254, Clanton
•Criminal mischief, second degree; burglary, second degree; theft of property, first degree: Montevallo
•Harassment: County Road 636, Clanton
•Harassing communications: 31300 Block U.S. Highway 31, Calera
•Criminal trespass, first degree: 1200 Block County Road 46, Montevallo
•Baby left alone: 2200 Block County Road 18 W., Clanton
•Road hazard: 1400 Block County Road 24, Verbana
•Used ammo: 5400 County Road 76, Clanton