Sheriff’s Department reports for the week of Oct. 22, 2012

Published 4:11 pm Thursday, October 25, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department from Oct. 10-16:

Oct. 10
•Unauthorized use of a vehicle: County Road 1026, Montevallo
•Burglary, third degree: County Road 234, Thorsby
•Suspicious vehicle: County Road 46 and County Road 91, Montevallo
•Theft of property, second degree: 600 Block County Road 265, Clanton
•Possession of marijuana, second degree: Verbena High School
•Harassing communications: 15500 Block County Road 42, Jemison
•Burglary, third degree; theft of property, first degree; criminal mischief, third degree: County Road 891, Montevallo
•Theft of property, second degree: 100 Block County Road 1016, Montevallo
•Criminal trespass, third degree: 1900 Block County Road 151, Jemison
•Criminal trespass, third degree: 100 Block County Road 1080, Montevallo
•Harassment: 100 Block County Road 118, Jemison
•Criminal trespass, third degree; harassment: Clanton
•Incident; harassment: 5200 Block County Road 28, Clanton
•Possession of marijuana, first degree: Enterprise Road and Samaria Road, Clanton

Oct. 11
•Theft of property, second degree: back shed, Jemison
•Identity theft, Miami, Fla.
•Harassing communications: phone, Clanton
•Criminal mischief, third degree: Clanton
•Domestic violence, third degree: 80 Block County Road 1051, Clanton
•Property damage: 3400 Block County Road 38, Jemison
•Assault, third degree; criminal mischief, third degree: Clanton

Oct. 12
•Possession of marijuana, second degree: 8000 Block County Road 24, Clanton
•Domestic violence, third degree: Clanton
•Death investigation: Clanton
•Harassment: Clanton
•Theft of property, second degree; burglary, second degree: Clanton
•Egged pickup truck: driveway, Jemison
•Harassing communications: Clanton
•Search of home: 2200 Block County Road 13, Clanton
•Criminal mischief, third degree; theft of property, third degree: 19800 Block Ala. Highway 22, Clanton

Oct. 13
•Vehicle damage: Interstate 65 N. at Mile Marker 199, Verbena
•Rape, first degree: bedroom, Jemison
•Custody dispute: Swedish Fest, Thorsby
•Harassment: front porch, Montevallo
•Harassment: Clanton
•Criminal trespass, first degree; criminal mischief, third degree: 5200 Block U.S. Highway 31, Verbana
•Unauthorized use of a vehicle: Clanton

Oct. 14
•Domestic violence, third degree: 400 Block County Road 461, Clanton
•Theft of property, third degree; harassment: bedroom, Jemison
•Harassment: Clanton
•Domestic violence, third degree; public intoxication: 700 Block County Road 199, Clanton
•Minor in possession of alcohol, consumption; resisting arrest: 2500 Block County Road 753, Thorsby
•Harassing communication: County Road 726, Calera

Oct. 15
•Incident: Isabella High School
•Criminal trespass, second degree: Ala. Highway 145, one mile before County Road 8 E.
•Found property: Stanton
•Domestic violence, third degree: 4200 Block County Road 495, Verbena
•Enticing child: 1300 Block County Road 41, Clanton
•Domestic incident: Clanton
•Possession of marijuana, second degree; possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of a controlled substance: Texaco, 200 County Road 59, Verbana

Oct. 16
•Road hazard: Ware Ave., Clanton
•Harassing communications: 900 Block County Road 441, Verbana
•Harassment: Verbena
•Burglary, third degree; theft of property, second degree: Maplesville
•Hit and run: Sixth St., Clanton
•Criminal trespass, third degree: Montevallo
•Burglary, third degree; theft of property, second degree: 300 Block County Road 46, Montevallo
•Domestic violence, third degree: Jemison
•Harassment: County Road 897, Jemison
•Harassment: County Road 454, Clanton
•Assault, second degree: 4600 Block County Road 151
•Burglary, third degree: Maplesville
•Public intoxication: Verbena High School
•Public intoxication: 15100 Block County Road 15, Maplesville
•Burglary, third degree; theft of property, second degree: 1200 County Road 486, Clanton