Ward named vice-chairman of committee

Published 4:56 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2012

State Sen. Cam Ward was appointed to a two-year term as vice chairman of the National Council of State Legislatures Standing Committee on Energy, Transportation and Agriculture this month, according to a press release.

The NCSL sees Ward as a good fit for this committee because of the Energy, Transportation and Agriculture issues he deals with regularly as a state senator in Alabama, the release said.

“I am so proud to have this opportunity to serve the NCSL, to represent Alabama and to learn about how other states deal with these issues,” Ward said. “This is an opportunity for me to both share knowledge and to learn about issues that affect both our state and our nation.”

In a letter from the NCSL, Rep. Terri Norelli (NH), 2012 President and Democratic Leader, and Sen. Bruce Starr (OR), President Elect and Assistant Republican Leader, told Ward: “It is our pleasure to appoint you to serve as vice chair of the NCSL Energy, Transportation and Agriculture Committee for 2012–2014. You will be leading your committee during a period of great challenge for state legislatures – a time when legislatures strive to innovate on dozens of policy fronts and a time of significant challenges for states in the federal system. This NCSL standing committee will serve as an invaluable asset to legislatures around the country on these issues.”

Ward’s work on the energy-related legislative proposals is what first attracted him to the committee, and his being named chair helps confirm the hard work and forward-thinking legislation Alabama has accomplished since that time, the release said.

“This is a natural fit not only for me, but for our state,” Ward said. “Energy issues are jobs issues to me. Agriculture is the biggest employer in Alabama, and right here in my district, we have the famous Chilton County peaches.

“Alabama has more miles of rivers than any southeastern state, we are always looking to expand our port facilities, and I know transportation issues, both public and private, will continue to be important to grow our economy,” he said. “This is a natural fit for me, and I’m happy to be called to serve.”

The National Conference of State Legislatures is a bipartisan organization that serves the legislators and staffs of the nation’s 50 states, commonwealths and territories.

NCSL provides research, technical assistance and opportunities for policymakers to exchange ideas on the most pressing state issues.