Clanton Police reports for the week of Oct. 15, 2012

Published 3:54 pm Thursday, October 18, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Clanton Police Department from Oct. 1-7:

Oct. 1
•Probation violation: 601 First Ave.
•Obstructing government operations: 204 Inverness Drive
•Possession of a forgery device: 706 Logan Road
•Fraudulent use of a credit/debit card: Seventh St. S.
•Harassment: 705 Hand St.
•Theft of property, third degree: Winn-Dixie
•Accident: Ala. Highway 145 and Medical Center Drive
•Leaving the scene of an accident: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Underage purchase of alcohol: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Aggravated assault, non-family, other weapon; driving under the influence greater than .08: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Obstructing governmental operations: 204 Inverness Drive (arrest)
•Criminally negligent homicide, non-vehicle: 204 Inverness Drive (arrest)
•Probation violation: 200 Town Mart (arrest)
•Alias writ of arrest: Louise St. (arrest)
•Shoplifting; public intoxication: Winn-Dixie (arrest)
•Shoplifting; illegal possession of prescription drugs: Winn-Dixie (arrest)
•Driving under the influence of alcohol: Lomax Drive and Seventh St. N. (arrest)

Oct. 2
•Assault: 1020 Price Drive
•Assault: Tippet Ave.
•Domestic violence: 716 Tippet Ave.
•Probation violation: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Public intoxication: 601 First Ave.(arrest)
•Harassment, family: 716 Tippet Ave.(arrest)

Oct. 3
•Possession of drug paraphernalia; possession of marijuana: Seventh St. S. and Sixth St.
•Theft of property, third degree: 716 Tippet St.
•Property damage/civil matter: Second Ave. N.
•Theft of property; burglary: Nine Rolling Oak, Apt. B
•Criminal mischief: 101 Yellow Leaf Hub
•Accident: 7538 County Road 41
•Accident: Ala. Highway 22 and U.S. Highway 31
•Accident: Center Ave. and Seventh St.
•Theft of property; public intoxication: 716 Tippet St. (arrest)
•Murder, non-family, gun: 3256 County Road 9 (arrest)
•Burglary, residence; miscellaneous theft; criminal mischief, damage to private property: 301 City St. (arrest)
•Public intoxication: 16th St. (arrest)
•Public intoxication: 107 Health Center Drive (arrest)
•Murder, non-family, gun: 18126 County Road 54 (arrest)

Oct. 4
•Assist other law enforcement: Samaria Road and Old Samaria Road
•Illegal possession of prescription drugs; theft of property: 716 Tippet St.
•Harassment: 716 Tippet St.
•Theft of property: 716 Tippet St.
•Fraudulent use of credit/debit card: Regions Bank
•Criminal use of defensive spray: Fourth Ave. S. and Smith St.
•Unlawful breaking and entering of a vehicle; theft of property: 810 Old Thorsby Road
•Identity theft: 304 Airport Road
•Domestic dispute, no element of crime: 407 Meadowview Circle
•Probation violation: 1405 Fourth Ave. S. (arrest)
•Probation violation: 1000 Seventh St. N. (arrest)
•Simple assault: Fourth Ave. S. at Smith St. (arrest)
•Contempt of court order: 1412 Fourth Ave. S. (arrest)
•Cocaine, sell/distribute: Fairfield Police Department (arrest)

Oct. 5
•Possession of drug paraphernalia; theft of property, third degree: Days Inn, Room 134
•Harassment: 100 Inverness Drive
•Suspicious activity/incident: 1497 Hopewell Drive
•Child custody dispute: 946 Lake Mitchell Road
•Public intoxication; possession of drug paraphernalia: 1600 Lay Dam Road
•Accident: Interstate 65 at Lay Dam Road
•Accident: Interstate 65 at Pinedale Road
•Accident: Interstate 65 at Lake Mitchell Road
•Theft, miscellaneous; drug paraphernalia, first offense: Days Inn (arrest)

Oct. 6
•Theft of property; unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle: 4014 Fourth Ave N.
•Unauthorized use of a vehicle: 155 Hay Lane
•Harassment: 201 Third Ave. S.
•Accident: U.S. Highway 31 and Walmart entrance
•Accident: Old Samaria Road and Kincheon Road
•Theft, miscellaneous: U.S. Highway 31 at Shelby County Line (arrest)
•Public intoxication: Seventh St. S. and Petro station (arrest)
•Public intoxication; drug paraphernalia, first offense: 1600 Lay Dam Road (arrest)
•Public intoxication; disorderly conduct/disturbing the peace: 1505 Mount Pleasant (arrest)

Oct. 7
•Illegal possession of prescription drugs; public intoxication: Chevron, 2124 Seventh St. S. (arrest)
•Criminal trespass: 113 Andrew St.
•Harassment: 1423 Fourth Ave. S.
•Domestic dispute, no element of crime: 401 First St.
•Alias writ of arrest: Thorsby Police Department (arrest)