County commission guest touts drug card

Published 5:42 pm Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Residents of Chilton County now have the opportunity to save money on medication costs, according to Coast2CoastRx distribution partner Ron Howard.

Howard gave a presentation Tuesday morning to the Chilton County commissioners describing the benefits Chilton County residents could receive with the program.

“All residents of Chilton County can get these cards for free,” Howard said. “There will be 10,000 cards distributed before the week is over to people throughout the county.”

Howard told commissioners the card is expected to have a sizeable impact on uninsured residents or residents with high insurance deductibles and should be treated like a coupon.

“The card works in all of the major chain pharmacies,” Howard said.

The cards have a group identification number for Chilton County, and the identification number is the patient’s telephone number.

Howard said the cards will be available for residents at participating pharmacies, governmental offices, libraries and county health facilities.

“We really hope people will start using the card,” Howard said. “If we can get one to 2 percent of the population that is using the card then we are doing good.”

Howard invited commissioners to help him in getting the word out to residents throughout the county.

Commissioners approved the drug prescription cards at the Aug. 13 county commission meeting.

Chilton County resident Jessie Browder, 77, approached the commissioners after Howard’s presentation to address road issues near her home on County Road 329.

“I have been a resident of this community for 56 years, and I think the citizens of this county have a right to good roads,” Browder said.

Browder said the road near her home had more potholes than pavement and the commissioners had promised to fix them.

“I am a tax-paying citizen that drives on the roads and I think they need to be suitable to drive on,” Browder said. “I want to know why the commissioners haven’t had anything done about the roads that were promised to be fixed.”

Commissioner Bobby Agee said it was his understanding there was never a resolution passed by the commission to fix the roads and the county did not have rights of way on County Road 329.

Agee asked County engineer Tony Wearren what number County Road 329 fell on with the list of roads to be paved.

Wearren said it was No. 200 on the list.

Commissioner Allen Caton made a motion to officially hire Jessica Carter for the director of the Chilton County Transit position.

“I feel like if we advertise for the job we won’t get anyone better,” Caton said.

Commissioner Heedy Hayes said the motion should have been discussed in more depth before being asked for approval.

“I don’t appreciate this commission saying they are going to do something and then turning around and doing something completely opposite of what we said we would do,” Hayes said. “I have nothing against Carter, but this is not what the commission said we would do.”

Commission Chairman Tim Mims said he was going to vote against the motion due to it catching him off guard.

“I don’t appreciate how things were handled with this,” Mims said.

Caton said he made the motion due to Carter already serving in the position as director and wanted to make it official.

Commissioners voted to approve Carter’s position with Mims voting against the motion.

In other business, the commission:

•Proposed a resolution implementing a tiered vacation plan that allows employees to earn different levels of vacation leave depending on the number of years they have been employed with the county.

•Accepted an agreement with Lee Helms Associates for project management services for the construction of the Higgins Ferry storm shelter.

•Nominated Jemison Mayor Eddie Reed to serve on the Chilton County Library Board.

•Brought up the possibility of placing a public restroom in the motor vehicle building due to having a resident complain of being denied access to the restrooms.

Commissioners said they will look into this issue at a future commission meeting.

Commissioner Agee said no one should be denied the access of a restroom since the building in essence belongs to the people.

•Concluded the regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday by going into executive session. Commissioner Heedy Hayes said the purpose of the executive session was to discuss good name and character. No vote was taken during the executive session.