Chilton County QB not just a ‘game manager’

Published 4:08 pm Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The term “game manager” can have a negative connotation in football.

The term is usually applied to a quarterback that throws a pass when necessary—but not very often. And when they do, it is more than likely a safe, short-distance pass to a nearby receiver. These are usually found in run-first offenses and take a back seat to the running game.

Bombs away: Chilton County quarterback Chance Britnell passed for 180 yards and two touchdowns against Marbury last week.

Given how well Chilton County High School runs the ball, one might assume that quarterback Chase Britnell falls into the category of game manager. However, after his performance Sep. 28 at Marbury, think again.

Britnell was 8-of-11 passing for 180 yards and two touchdowns as the Tigers rolled 28-0 and moved to 4-1 on the season.

It wasn’t just a one-off for Britnell; he posted 162 yards through the air with three touchdowns in a win against Shelby County earlier in the season.

Still, Britnell’s ability is usually only called on when the run game is not hitting on all cylinders.

“Chance has shown in practice he is capable of throwing the ball well,” said Hand. “But he knows if we are running the ball well, we are going to continue to run it.”

That said, Hand has no problems letting Britnell use his arm when he has to.

“Versus Marbury, they started stacking the line,” Hand said. “So we had to throw it more.”

The fact that Britnell is willing to pull in the reigns on his throwing ability for the good of the team says a great deal about his leadership ability. Hand also said he has come a long way in his second year as a starter.

“Chance has grown a lot this year as a player and as a leader,” he said. “Last year being his first year to play QB, he had some tough games, but he is doing a great job this year for us.”

Britnell and the Tigers will take on Sylacauga, the first-place team in Class 5A, Region 4, on Friday.