Retired educators sponsor flu clinic

Published 8:05 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Members of the Chilton County Retired Educators showed up to the YMCA on Ollie Avenue Tuesday to receive free flu vaccinations.

Jim Shannon, retired assistant principal at Chilton County High School, said he gets his flu shot every year to prevent catching the virus.

Here comes the poke: Nurse Carolyn Sergeant prepares Mack Patterson’s arm before administering the flu vaccination.

“No one likes getting the flu,” Shannon said. “It is never enjoyable.”

In addition to being assistant principal at Chilton County High School, Shannon also taught at both Maplesville and Thorsby schools for 25 years where he saw many cases of the flu virus from both students and teachers.

“The flu used to be a lot worse than what it is now,” Shannon said. “You would have one child catch it and then half the class would be absent from catching it.”

Donn Dorminey taught math and science for 25 years at Chilton County High School and said the flu vaccine helps him prevent catching pneumonia.

“I have had pneumonia in the past and for whatever reason, getting the flu shot helps me not get pneumonia every year,” Dorminey said. “I think more and more people are trying to prevent from getting the flu virus by getting their shot because you don’t see as many outbreaks as we used to see.”

Dorminey also attributes a decrease in the flu virus to kids washing their hands more.

“Children are taught in schools to wash their hands and be more aware of germs than they were before, which I think really helps out in preventing the virus.”

President of the Retired Educators Nancy Shannon said turnout for the flu clinic had been higher than previous years with more than 100 people showing up to receive their vaccines.

“We have had a lot of people come by today which has been wonderful,” Shannon said. “The flu virus is something that affects everyone.”