Sheriff’s Department reports for the week of Aug. 12

Published 3:45 pm Thursday, September 20, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department from July 25-31:

July 25

•Offering false instrument for record: 500 block, Second Ave., Clanton

•Theft of property-second degree: Verbena High School

•Manufacture of a controlled substance-first degree, possession of a controlled subsntance, chemical endangerment, possession of drug paraphernalia: 5100 block, County Road 24, Billingsley

•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-second degree: Clanton

•Theft of property-second degree: County Road 97, Verbena

•Domestic incident: 400 block, County Road 55, Clanton

•Menacing: 3300 block, County Road 76, Clanton

•Theft of property-third degree: County Road 63, Marbury

July 26

•Possession of marijuana-second degree: Interstate 65 N. Bound, Mile Marker 218, Jemison

•Identity theft, issuing false financial statement: Thorsby

•Sexual abuse-first degree: 800 block, County Road 51, Jemison

•Death investigation: Clanton

•Possession of child pornography: Clanton

July 27

•Harassing communication, domestic violence-third degree: 100 block, County Road 872, Montevallo

•Harassing communications: 3700 County Road 61, Clanton

•Animal attack-dog bite: Montevallo

•Harassment: Clanton

•Death investigation: Clanton

•Property damage: Highway 82, Mapleville

•Possession of marijuana-second degree, possession of drug paraphernalia: County Road 24 at County Road 49, Verbena

•Domestic violence-third degree: 3800 block, County Road 85 Clanton

July 28

•Public intoxication, minor in possession: 100 block, County Road 26, Plantersville

•Domestic violence-third degree: 800 block, County Road 265, Clanton

•Domestic violence-third degree: Montevallo

•Criminal mischief-second degree, theft of property-third degree: 1500 block, County Road 511, Verbena

•Public intoxication: 1500 block, County Road 16, Maplesville

•Illegal possession of prescription drugs: 219 Exxon, Jemison

•Information only: 3000 block, US 31 Jemison

July 29

•Domestic violence-third degree: Clanton

•Domestic violence-third degree: Clanton

•Domestic violence-third degree: 6200 block, County Road 24, Verbena

•Harassing communications: Montevallo

•Theft of property-second degree: 500 block, County Road 324

•Assault-third degree: County Road 49, Verbena

•Domestic violence-third degree: Clanton

July 30

•Possession of marijuana-second degree: 212 Texaco, Clanton

•Theft of property-second degree: Montevallo

•Harassment: 9800 block, County Road 309, Lawley

•Possession of marijuana-second degree: Interstate 65, N. Bound 204 Mile Marker

•Criminal littering, cruelty to dog/cat second degree: 300 block, County Road 130 Calera

•Unspecified incident: 700 block, Maplesville

•Dog attack: Maplesville

July 31

•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-second degree: 5100 block, Alabama 145, Clanton

•Harassment: 1700 block, County Road 327, Maplesville

•Harassment: Clanton

•Sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old: Jemison

•Domestic violence-third degree: 800 block, County Road 774, Montevallo

•Possession of marijuana-second degree (two counts), minor in possession of tobacco, minor in possession of alcohol (three counts): 200 block, County Road 969, Montevallo

•Incident: North Platte, NE