Church News for Thursday, Sept. 6

Published 8:39 pm Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Samaria Baptist Church

Our pastor’s message came from Acts 27:14-25. We were blessed with singing by our children’s group. They sang, “Do You Love Jesus?”

Our special musical guests were Steve Robberson and Danny Harris. They have formed a new group called Southern Boys. They sang, “Just For Me,” “Stone Rolled Away” and “Nobody Like Jesus.”

Steve’s new venture has included trips to the Southwest and many engagements to promote the cause of Jesus Christ. They requested our prayers as they travel and share the talents God gave them to bring others to him.

Bro. Charles took his message from Acts and placed emphasis on the trials and adversities of life that our savior uses to make us more like him. God often tries us in the furnace of affliction and keeps us throughout the adversity. No matter what the trial, heartache, trouble or despair, he is right there with us to deliver us in the storms of life.

God cares for your families and wants happiness, prosperity, joy and peace to abound in your lives. In all the cares of life, God comes through. Experiencing trials builds character with faith. It brings us nearer to him, and we realize he will always be there to see us through.

When God sees us suffer, it only increases his love for us. When we struggle with despair, he knows how much we can endure. We could have a job one day and lose it the next, so we need to stay close to the one who makes a difference in life by his grace.

Do not miss the opportunity to spend eternity with God. The peace and contentment that can inhabit your life when Christ is in your heart is immeasurable. We have nothing to fear when we know Christ and give him control of our life decisions. We love and trust our friends to stand by us in times of great need. The greatest friend we can have is Jesus Christ. He promises never to leave us nor forsake us.

When God sees his image in us, he knows we are closer to completeness. He molds us in his image and leads us to church, study, pray, worship, teach, and make our lives a living example of everything he wants the world to be.

Please continue to pray for those who lost family and property in the storms last week. Remember our sick and shut in, and for those who haven’t been to see us in a while, you are always welcome to worship at Samaria. We are anxious to see you. God bless you, and God bless America.

Bethsalem Church

Bro. Cleve Mallory opened our day of worship by announcing birthdays, anniversaries and ministry opportunities, and by welcoming everyone.

The Celebration Choir sang a special, “I Stand Upon the Rock Medley.” Great songs were sung by the congregation. The scripture reading was from Psalm 135. The Celebration Choir sang another special, “Who Am I.”

Bro. Cleve introduced the guest speaker, Dr. Bobby Dubois, executive director of the Alabama Baptist Association. Dubois’ message, “This is My Church,” came from Matthew 16:16-19. The evening message was also brought by Dubois.

Wednesday night family supper is at 5:30 p.m., and prayer meeting for adults is at 6:30 p.m. Team Kids for children and Students Outlet is also held.

Happy birthday this week to Denny Carroll, Jennifer Bland, Jessie Hucks, Sonya Norman, Paxton Chavers, Jamie Beadlecomb, Dot Plyer, Ryan Mims, Lindsey Burnett, Debbie Powell, Jeremy Blalock, Colt and Claire Crowe, Haley Williams, Jacob Wright and Shelby Grant. Happy anniversary to Charles and Gladys Bryant (57 years), Mike and Sharion Williams (31), and Mike and Christy Harmon (9).

Pray for Marshall and Hazel Green, Charles Bryant, Roy Williams, Sid Griner, Debra Mims, Harold Pierce, Linnie Hathcock, Ida and Claude Davis, Bill and Sandre Eubank, Robert Smitherman, our pastor search committee, Randy Bryant, Bobbie Cox, Edward Moore, Elridge Townsend, Lilianna Thompson, Carol Hayes, Jim Beck, James Wright, the Crawford family and Pete Burnett.

Sunday night Life Tracks is at 5 p.m. Come join us. Come worship with us on Sundays. God wants full-time custody, not weekend visits.