Jemison district race tied, run-off will decide

Published 8:03 pm Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A run-off election in October is certain for Jemison City Council District 4 candidates Rex Bittle and Rusty Jones.

A count of Jemison’s provisional ballots Tuesday resulted in a tie between the two candidates, 60-60.

In the municipal election Aug. 28, Bittle received 57 votes and Jones earned 60 votes, including ballots submitted on voting day and absentee ballots counted.

But no winner was announced because questions arose concerning the city’s provisional ballots and how many were submitted by residents within the city limits.

In the seven days following the election, the Chilton County Board of Registrars checked to see if each person who submitted a ballot in Jemison was a current resident within the city limits.

The board confirmed 17 of the 20 provisional ballots to be counted as city limit votes.

A request for recount of all votes may be submitted within 48 hours of the results of the provisional ballot count.

The run-off election will be held Oct. 9.

Residents of the district will vote at city hall.