Bentley talks about storm preparedness

Published 10:34 pm Tuesday, August 28, 2012

•Have at least one gallon of water per day per person for three days.

•Have emergency food for at least three days.

•Have means of emergency power, at the least flashlights with good batteries.

•Know where the local shelter is located.

•Those who live in a low-lying area should make plans to evacuate if the water starts to rise.

•Have a means of protecting valuable documents.

“I would like each citizen to understand that they can help us by helping themselves and assuring that they are prepared for any problem that might arise,” Collum said. “Don’t wait until the last minutes when the weather gets bad. Make plans now.”

On Tuesday morning, Bentley lifted mandatory evacuation orders covering portions of Baldwin and Mobile counties and issued voluntary evacuation orders for areas vulnerable to Isaac’s projected impact, according to a press release.

The decision was based on updated forecast models and the National Hurricane Center lifting the hurricane warning in effect for the Alabama coast.

The voluntary evacuation order targets those living in low-lying, flood-prone areas of the same two counties.

“While the hurricane warning has been lifted, we don’t want people to let down their guard,” Bentley said in the press release. “Continue to monitor the latest forecasts, and heed the warnings of local officials regarding Isaac’s impact in your area. Remember that Isaac is still expected to bring tropical storm-force winds and heavy rains, and storm surge is still expected in certain areas.”

Central Alabama Electric Cooperative also issued a press release Tuesday informing area residents that it is closely monitoring Isaac and is ready to respond quickly to any power interruptions.

“We have an emergency response plan designed to guide our storm preparation and restoration efforts,” said Tom Stackhouse, CEO and president of CAEC.

CAEC is ready to dispatch crews to help restore electric service for those impacted if the storm does not affect the service area, the release said. CAEC urges members to keep track of current weather conditions, as heavy rain, strong winds and spin-off tornadoes are possible with this storm system.

Managing Editor Stephen Dawkins contributed to this story.