Municipal election guide for Jemison

Published 10:34 pm Friday, August 24, 2012

Editor’s note: To help voters make informed decisions in local municipal elections on Aug. 28, The Clanton Advertiser collected biographical information and personal messages from those running for office in the four Chilton County municipalities. Each Jemison candidate is listed below. Voting is from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at city and town halls. Runoff elections would be held Tuesday, Oct. 9, if necessary. Those elected will take office on Monday, Nov. 5.


Eddie Reed (incumbent)

•Age: 67

•Family: Clarissia Reed, wife of 35 years

•Education: Bachelor of Science, Master’s of Education Degree

•Personal message: First, I want to thank God for allowing me to be a public servant since 1976. It has truly blessed my life. From 1976–present, I have served six terms on the Jemison City Council, two terms on the Board of Education, and am currently serving my second term as mayor. My future goal for the city is to continue the progress to provide better service to our citizens. I will work to seek every grant opportunity for our city park, streets, water and sewer.

Faye Porter King

•Age: 63

•Family: John King, husband; Kim Nelson Smith, Kerri Tillery, Johnny King; four grandchildren.

•Education: Graduate of JHS, Associate of Science Degree, Basic EMT.

•Personal message: As mayor, I wish to be a public servant to every citizen of Jemison and not a selected few. To be a leader for Jemison, not a follower. All council members included in council meetings at the meeting and not before. To grant citizens the right to speak when needed. To facilitate a budget for the city. This budget would include balance reduction of city hall, which has approximately $1.4 million still outstanding of which no grants were renewed for the city hall. Work toward eating establishments and other businesses at Interstate 65 219 exit, as well as other locations in Jemison. To be fair and honest to all citizens.