State works to relieve drainage on Hwy. 31

Published 8:50 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hard at work: The Alabama Department of Transportation completed work that could help water drainage on Highway 31 in southern Thorsby.

Some recent road work by the Alabama Department of Transportation could help alleviate a problem area in Thorsby.

Thorsby Mayor Dearl Hilyer said an ALDOT crew was in the town last week, working to improve drainage on Highway 31 just south of town, where the road goes from two lanes to four lanes in front of the Georgia-Pacific plant.

Hilyer said water pooling in the northbound lanes has been a problem, even causing some motorists to hydroplane and wreck.

“We’ve had several complaints,” he said. “A lot of local people know about it. If it’s raining hard, they’ll just stay in the left lane.”

ALDOT workers last week lowered the drainage ditch in the area, cleaned out the drain, mowed the grass and weeds on the shoulder and even removed a portion of the curb.

“The town is going to help the state monitor it and give the state feedback on how things are working there,” Hilyer said and added that the improvements seemed to have helped the situation during recent rains.