City to clean private properties if owners don’t

Published 9:25 pm Monday, August 6, 2012

The Jemison City Council approved for the city to clean up weeds and vegetation on three private properties if their owners fail to respond and do it themselves in a timely manner.

Mayor Eddie Reed said the city has tried to contact all of the property owners several times, and as of Aug. 6, only one had responded.

The properties are located on Alabama Highway 191, Sycamore Street and Ivey Childress Road.

According to Reed, the weeds and vegetation at each location qualify as public nuisances and fire hazards if dry.

The property owners will have 30 days to respond and get their properties in compliance with citywide laws, or the city will clear the growth from each property.

“It’s the only legal course we have,” Reed said. “These properties will either be cleaned out by the owners or by the city.”

If the city does the work, it will bill the owners, Reed said.

In other business, the council approved for councilmen Robert Morris and Sam Reed as candidates unopposed for their respective districts in the Aug. 28 municipal elections.

The council also appointed election officers, including at least one inspector and three city clerks, for the regular election Aug. 28 and a run-off election in October if necessary.

City Clerk Sheila Hogge was also approved as the absentee election manager.

The council was split in a vote regarding the purchase of an advertisement in The Clanton Advertiser’s annual football magazine.

The vote was 3-3, with councilmen Robert Morris and Sam Reed and councilwoman Faye King in favor, and Mayor Eddie Reed and councilmen George Brasher and Donnie Lane opposed.

The council will vote on the ad again at a later time.