Wish granted for Clanton family

Published 12:30 pm Friday, July 27, 2012

Make-A-Wish sends Stefanie Trammell to Disney World.

After waiting 14 years, Stefanie Trammell finally got to take the trip of a lifetime.

Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, she and her family were able to visit Disney World and Universal Studios.

“It was incredible,” said her mother, Linda Puckett. “She never even had to stand in line.”

Like most girls, Trammell likes One Direction and used to have a crush on Justin Beiber. Her niece and nephews drive her insane, and she loves Kellie Pickler’s “Red High Heels.”

But what is different about Trammell is that, just 20 years old, she has had 62 operations, including surgeries on her heart, stomach and back. She has DiGeorge and Shprintzen syndromes, which are chromosome disorders. She has a pace maker and a defibrillator.

“When she was born, the doctors told me to take her home and love her because she wouldn’t be here long,” said Puckett. “But she kept going.”

“The only thing I can really remember was having a rough time [with the surgeries],” said Trammell. “And being in a lot of pain afterwards.”

When asked how she made it through the operations, she just pointed to her mother.

“I’m a momma’s baby.”

She also mentioned her aunt, Lisa Fuller: “She’s just like my mom, with me through thick and thin.”

“Someone asked me once if I got angry when Stefanie was born with these problems,” said Puckett, “and I thought about it, and I said no. God thought enough of me to give her to me. He knew I would love her and take care of her.”