Clanton Fire Deparment records for the week of July 23, 2012

Published 4:39 pm Friday, July 27, 2012

The following are Clanton Fire Department incidents for July 11-17:

July 11
•Stroke: 200 block, Willis Circle
•Difficulty breathing: 2300 block, Seventh St. S.
•Public assist: 100 block, Health Center Drive
•Public assist: 700 block, Hand St.
•Altered mental status: 1000 block, Rollan St.
•Diabetic emergency: 200 block, Willis Circle

July 12
•Difficulty breathing: 2300 block, Fourth Ave. N.
•Motor vehicle accident: Dogwood Lane and Lay Dam Road
•Syncope: 300 block, Liberty St.
•Head injury: Clanton City Park

July 13
•Public assist: 1400 block, Meadowood Drive
•Abdominal pain: 1700 block, Kincheon Road
•General illness: 1400 block, Eighth St. N.
•Chest pain: 200 block, Mitzou Drive
•Helicopter landing zone: Price Drive
•Traumatic injury: 2800 block, Fourth Ave. N.
•Motor vehicle accident: Interstate 65 199 Mile Marker N. Bound
•General illness: 1100 block, Duren Road
•Natural gas odor: 200 block, First St.
•Natural gas odor: 700 block, Seventh St. S.

July 14
•General illness: 700 block, Second Ave. N.
•Chest pain: 700 block, Eighth St. N.

July 15
•Extremity injury: 2600 block, Lay Dam Road
•Difficulty breathing: 100 block, Arthur Drive
•Abdominal pain: 100 block, Kemp Place
•Unresponsive: 100 block, Morris Ave.

July 16
•Appliance fire: 500 block, Seventh St. S.
•Difficulty breathing: 2000 block, Seventh St. S.
•Fall: 200 block, Cherokee Drive
•Public assist: 300 block, Ann Ave.
•Assault: 1400 block, Seventh St. S.
•Overdose: 1200 block, Fourth Ave. N.

July 17
•Diabetic emergency: 100 block, Coosa St.
•Fall: 500 block, S. Second St.
•Fall: 1200 block, Fourth Ave. N.
•Overdose: 1600 block, Kincheon Road