Three local schools add weight rooms

Published 10:46 pm Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Working out: Chilton County High School’s new weight room is adjacent to the old weight room—and Tiger Stadium.

By James Dubuisson | Special to the Advertiser

Three local high schools are benefiting from new athletic facilities.

Chilton County High School’s athletic program is trying to finish up work on its new weight room by the end of the month.

Head football coach Donnie Hand said that they are currently trying to finish the paint, electric and plumbing. He said that should be done by the time they get the supplies to put down the new rubber floor next week.

Hand said the floor will take a few days to install, and then a weekend for the glue to dry.

They are supposed to get their new weights on July 23 or 24.

Hand said he is hopeful that they will be able to begin working out in their weight room after they have put in the weights, but they have to wait for the state to approve the structure.

The new equipment they will be receiving, Hand says, will allow the athletic department “quicker workouts,” and it will also allow the teams to work out more players at once. He said that with the current weight room, there are kids standing around waiting on equipment to become available. The new equipment will not only allow more workouts but new workouts that were not available with the old equipment.

Thorsby High School’s new athletic facility has just recently been completed.

Strength and conditioning coach Keith Williams said the athletic department started talking about this new facility four years ago, but fundraising did not begin until 2010.

The new facility has 5/16-inch turf, which will allow for indoor training during inclement weather.

Williams said, though they could not run deep passing plays or special team sets in the facility, they would be able to practice short passing routes and running plays in the building.