Junior Gardeners mix in literature

Published 7:20 pm Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Junior Master Gardeners will be hosting their fifth and final literature program Aug. 7.

The event, hosted by Petals from the Past, allows those in the Junior Master Gardeners to mix literature with a love for gardening.

“We bring in a book that deals with gardening,” said 4-H Regional Extension Agent Jo Walter. “Then we do activities [based on the books].”

The four sessions have yielded around 10-14 students per group, and Walter said she hopes that the interest cultivated by the summer reading program can carry over into the school year.

“The kids in class want to continue this,” she said. “We’re trying to find someone to take on a leadership role and meet once a month.”

In addition to the readings and the activities, students have also been able to carry their products home with them.

The class is open to everyone, from kindergarten to 18 years of age, but Walter said the main ages were 5-12 year-olds.

The cost of the class is $3 per child per session. For more information call 334-750-2032.