Land deeds for the week of July 16, 2012

Published 12:11 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Chilton County from July 3-9:

July 3
•Charles A. Traywick to Sam W. Head and Ginger F. Head, land located in Section 30, Township 22, Range 15.
•Sam W. Head and Ginger F. Head to Don L. Boger and Martha D. Boger, land located in Lot 31 of Yellow Leaf Estates Subdivision.
•Gary Paul Hand and Tracy S. Hand to Jeffrey K. Harrell, Sr., and Debra K. Harrell, land located in Section 29, Township 21, Range 15.
•Emogene Varden to Bryan K. Varden and Ann V. Curtis, land located in Section 31, Township 23, Range 14.
•CitiMortgage, Inc., to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Management, land located in Section 22, Township 23, Range 12.
•Robin N. Crawford to Steven R. Traylor and Lisa Traylor, land located in Section 30, Township 21, Range 14.
•Estate of A.H. Garrett to Helen Mitchell, Martha C. White, Gail P. Lovejoy, Debra Eubanks and Julian J. Farrington, land located in Section 17-18, Township 24, Range 13.
•CitiMortgage to Randy D. Trammel, land located in Section 29, Township 23, Range 14.
•G&M Construction Construction Company, Inc., to Shirley S. Summerlin, land located in Section 26, Township 22, Range 14.

July 5
•Jeanette Mims and Michael Mims to Shirley Gay Price, land located in Lot 35 of the Maplewood Subdivision.
•John C. Burroughs to John C. Burroughs, land located in Higgins Ferry Subdivision Plat 1.
•John C. Burrouhgs to Lenward R. Burroughs, land located in Lot 167 of the Higgins Ferry Subdivision.
•Silver Point, Inc., to Bernard N. Muller and Elizabeth F. Muller, land located in Lot 5 of the Silver Point Subdivision.

July 6
•Janet Conway Geddie to Janet Conway Geddie, Cheryl Conway Higgins and Delbert O. Conway, land located in Lot 18 in Lakeview Subdivision.
•Mountain Top Prospect, LLC, to John Rankin, land located in Section 17, Township 21, Range 16.
•Jerry F. Harris to Roger G. Nichols and Elizabeth A. Nichols, land located in Section 34, Township 20, Range 11.
•Jerry F. Harris and Jimmy A. Harris to Pamela R. Nichols and Huey C. Nichols, Jr., land located in Sections 34 and 27, Township 20, Range 11.
•Patricia A. Feber to Shannon E. Whittle, land located in Section 7, Township 20, Range 16.
• Patricia A. Feber to Christopher M. Whittle, land located in Section 7, Township 20, Range 16.
•Quinton J. Rogers to Varline Lykes, land located in Lot One and Two in Block One of the Windham Extension, Clanton.

July 9
•Muriel Louise Junne’ to James D. Davenport, land located in Section 4, Township 22, Range 13.
•Jimmy Bruce Payton to Jimmy Bruce Payton, land located in Section 33, Township 22, Range 15.
•Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Gene R. Foshee and Cymantha B. Foshee, land located in Section 1, Township 20, Range 13.
•Green Tree Servicing, LLC, to Federal National Mortgage Association, land located in Section 28, Township 24, Range 13.
•Otha L. Little to Dorothy C. Nichols and Eugene Little, land located in Section 8, Township 20, Range 12.
•Cecil Douglas Cleckler and Janis Wynelle Cleckler to Douglas Craig CLeckler, Ginger Suzanne Cleckler and Barry Wade Cleckler, land located in Section 6, Township 22, Range 14.
•Roy E. Mims to William Stuart Harris, Jr., and Leila Green Harris, land located in Lot 57 of the Riverview Subdivision.