Church News for Thursday, July 19

Published 5:44 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bethany Baptist Church

Bro. Steve preached from the book of Esther Chapter 1. The name of the Lord God is not mentioned in the Book, but it is clear from the events that His hand was working, to protect His people. This first chapter reveals the boastfulness and drunkenness of King Ahasuerus and his vindictiveness when the queen refused to obey his command. Anger and vindictiveness should have no place in our homes. Husbands and wives should love each other and exhibit grace and patience.

The claim of the Omnipotent God is: “My son, give me thy heart…” This verse is from Proverbs 23:26. Above all things God desires to be first place in our lives and He deserves supreme control. God wants to guide us in all things and it is reasonable that we should be obedient to His leading.

Upcoming Events: Sunday, July 29, (fifth Sunday) lunch will be served in fellowship hall after the morning service. No evening service.

Prayer List: Betty Biggs, James Bixler, Arnold DeLoach, Doris Glenn, Ernestine Hatch, Billie Neeley and Shirley Wallace.

See you Sunday!

Calvary Independent Baptist

Calvary Independent Baptist Church is excited about the upcoming baptismal service on Sunday, July 22 in the 10 a.m. service. Please make plans to attend and support the ones who are willing to make a public profession of their faith in our risen savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

This Sunday in the 10 a.m. service, Pastor Oscar Mims preached a message from 1 Kings 17 on God is enough. God supplies all we need to serve Him today. When we get to the place in our life where we depend upon God and not our own capabilities or our own sources then God is enough, He is the source of all we need.

Sunday night’s message was from Colossians Chapter 1 on “Greetings to, gratitude for and the growth of” fellow believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.