Thorsby establishes regulations for town cemetery

Published 8:15 pm Monday, July 16, 2012

Thorsby’s council passed the town’s first set of cemetery regulations.

The town cemetery, off Dakota Road, had previously been operated without written regulations.

The regulations passed at Monday’s regular meeting set the price of a lot at $400, an increase from the $200 the town had charged.

Council members and Mayor Dearl Hilyer agreed the price is fair considering the rate had remained the same for more than 10 years and considering the rates charged by other cemeteries in Chilton County, some of which charge as much as $1,000.

Another consideration was that the town would eventually run out of lots, and there would be no way to expand the cemetery at its current boundaries.

“We have no other property to develop into a cemetery, so what we’ve got is what we’ve got,” Hilyer said. “Once [the lots] are gone, we’ll still be out there weed eating, raking and riding the lawnmowers.”

The regulations set the speed limit at 5 miles per hour at the cemetery and reserved lots exclusively for humans–and not pets–among other measures.

In other business, the council:

•Heard from new Municipal Court Judge Amanda Baxley. Baxley told the council members about several ideas she has for the town, including establishing a driving school and a diversion program, both of which could help keep court-related money in the town.

•Heard a report from Fire Chief Lee Gunn about the town’s Movies in the Park. Gunn said the event has averaged 350-400 people each week. There are three movies left on the schedule.

•Gave Public Works Director Terry Jackson permission to seek offers for timber on land owned by the town.

•Accepted the resignation of police officer Riley Barnett.