Crawford named new industrial development coordinator

Published 2:54 pm Friday, July 6, 2012

As Chilton County’s new industrial development coordinator, Fred Crawford, owner of Crawford & Crawford, hopes to continue to support local businesses in the ever-changing economy.

The Industrial Development Board recommended Crawford for the position after Joy Littleton announced her retirement in February.


The Chilton County Commission approved the board’s recommendation at its June 11 meeting.

“I have had experience in relating to policy makers, those persons who make the laws,” Crawford said. “I have experience with recruiting doctors for local hospitals, which is business-type recruiting. Those experiences working with policy makers, business owners and business-related people help me understand what industry needs and wants in order to survive and to expand.”

Crawford has lived in Chilton County for 12 years and has worked for the Alabama Prosthetic and Orthotic Association, National Federation of Independent Businesses and the Alabama Hospital Association.

In his new position, Crawford said he wants to visit as many existing businesses as he can in Jemison, Thorsby, Maplesville, Clanton, Verbena and the county as a whole.

“On a daily basis, we will be gathering data on the towns and the county that will relate to information a new business may want to know, from demographics to incomes to locations of houses,” Crawford said. “At the same time, we will be visiting existing industry, trying to make sure if they want to or need to expand, that they have that same type of information.”

Crawford said he plans to continue the work that Littleton did in providing businesses with up-to-date statistics and data for the area.

“My main goal is to form a team that will help Chilton County be prepared for (a) changing economy after this downturn is completed,” he said, adding that local people “should expect to see me walking the streets, knocking on doors and getting around so they know that economic development position and the Industrial Development Board is interested in their survival and continued growth.”