M&M Farms wins 5th straight auction

Published 12:02 pm Saturday, June 30, 2012

Peach grower Mark Knight of M&M Farms holds his plaque for first place in the 2012 Peach Auction.

In the 65-year history of the event, only one grower had ever won five straight Peach Auction first place basket awards.

That mark, set by Jerry Harrison from 1992-1996, was tied Saturday by Mark Knight of M&M Farms.

The feat, impressive enough as it is, is even more astounding considering the mild winter and a change in variety of peaches presented by Knight.

“It’s a different variety,” he said. “We used Bounty last year. [The winter] affected us drastically. We picked these out of 20 baskets.”

While Knight said he was honored to have tied the consecutive wins mark, he didn’t want it to define him.

“It’s good and bad,” he said. “It’s not the world to me. The Lord has blessed me. My dad was a peach farmer, and it means a lot to be able to follow in his footsteps.”

The basket was purchased by the Chilton County Farmers Federation for $2,000.

Following is a list of the top five baskets, growers and winning bidders:

•First place: Peaches grown by M&M Farms, sold to the Chilton County Farmers Federation for $2,000.

•Second place: Peaches grown by Marvin Green, sold to Peoples Southern Bank for $1,400.

•Third place: Peaches grown by Knight Farms, sold to SunSouth Tractor for $1,100.

•Fourth place: Peaches grown by Jerry Harrison, sold to Chilton County Commissioner Heedy Hayes for $900.

•Fifth place: Peaches grown by Patterson Farms, sold to Clanton Tractor for $1,100.

Staff writer Emily Beckett contributed to this story.