Water Course utilizes last days of operation

Published 4:22 pm Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Children learn more about features of a waterway in a simulated helicopter flyover of Alabama's water resources at the Alabama Power Water Course in Clanton.

Although the Alabama Power Water Course in Clanton will close its doors June 29, the environmental education center will continue to support initiatives in schools and the community.

According to Alabama Power’s website, the Water Course announced it will close to refocus its educational outreach in other areas, including math, science, technology and engineering partnerships.

“We were faced with a decision. It’s nearly 20 years old,” said Keisa Sharpe-Johnson, a spokeswoman for Alabama Power Company, of the Water Course. “We could continue to pump our resources into the Water Course, or just support some other educational initiatives. We just decided to continue to support various educational initiatives.”

Sharpe-Johnson said the company had noticed a decrease in attendance at Clanton’s center in recent years, which was a factor in its decision to close.

The center’s conference rooms and business offices will remain open after June 29 as the company decides on a long-term plan for the building.

“I would say our commitment would remain strong, especially when it comes to educating the community,” Sharpe-Johnson said. “We really consider it a success story that we were able to do this for 20 years. We are refocusing in some other areas, that’s all.”

Alabama Power’s Safe-T-Opolis, an electrical safety program, and Science Suitcases program are two initiatives it will continue to provide for schools.

In Safe-T-Opolis, Alabama Power employees talk to students about electrical safety practices and conduct active demonstrations.

In the Science Suitcases program, teachers can choose from more than 300 interactive science kits, or “Science Suitcases,” to check out for a four-week period.

The Science Suitcases are designed for kindergarten through sixth grade.

For more information, visit alabamapower.com/education.