Clanton Fire Department reports for the week of April 29, 2012

Published 11:01 am Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Thorsby Police Department from April 18-24:

April 18

•General illness, 1400 block, Seventh St. S.

•Seizure, 100 block, Andrew St.

April 19

•Fall, 800 block, Bradberry Lane

•Structure fire, 2200 block County Road 462

•Fire alarm, 600 block Second Ave. N.

•Assault, 800 block 16th Ave. N.

•Chest pain, 100 block Third Ave. S.

•Difficulty breathing, 1100 block Fifth Ave. N.

•Syncope, 2500 block Seventh St. S.

April 20

•Fire alarm, 200 block Seventh St. S.

•Chest pain, 100 block Shenandoah Drive

April 21

•Difficulty breathing, 2600 block Lay Dam Road

•General illness, 900 block Pipes Ave.

•Unresponsive, 1400 block Fourth Ave. S.

•Altered mental status, 700 block Eighth St. S.

April 22

•General illness, 100 block, Third Ave. S.

•General illness, 100 block, Kemp St.

•Difficulty breathing, 100 block, Third Ave. S.

April 23

•Difficulty breathing, 200 block Wade St.

•Chest pain

•Difficulty breathing, 800 block Logan Road

•Fire alarm, 2400 block Big M Blvd.

•Diabetic emergency, 3000 block Seventh St. N.

April 24

•Extremity injury, 300 block City St.

•Difficulty breathing, 20 block Fifth Ave. S.

•Difficulty breathing, Third Ave. S.

•General illness, 400 block, Studdard Drive

•Altered mental status, 3000 block Seventh St. N.

•Kitchen fire, 800 block Old Thorsby Road