Many help with SPAN landscaping project

Published 1:58 pm Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Contributing to the project to landscape in front of the Chilton County SPAN building were Harold Jarman with Modern Woodmen of America, Michelle Knight with Walmart, Ann Baker with SPAN and Master Gardeners, Randy Strattis with SPAN, Pat Farmer with Master Gardeners and SPAN students.

New landscaping in front of the Chilton County SPAN building is an improvement for the community.

It’s also something several members of the community can say they helped with.

Harold Jarman with the Modern Woodmen of America approached Ann Baker, president of the SPAN advisory board and also a Chilton County Master Gardener, about grant money Jarman’s group had available.

Baker was familiar with a need for sprucing up around the SPAN building, at the site of the old Adair School, and the project began.

Modern Woodmen contributed a $250 grant. Walmart and Joe and Michelle Holley at Holleywood Gardens gave several bags of mulch and topsoil.

“They like to donate broken bags to somebody who is going to put them to use,” Michelle Knight with Walmart said about the store helping out with community projects.

Master Gardeners, including Pat and Jerry Farmer, helped prepare the site, and SPAN students did the dirty work of planting shrubs and laying down mulch and topsoil.

The project was completed in about three days.

“We are so thankful for everybody’s help,” Baker said.

Students, teachers and visitors to the SPAN building are now greeted by encore azaleas and dwarf loropetulum.

A tea olive tree was also planted, and two oak trees will be planted out front of the building.

“Everybody did a little bit, and it all came together,” SPAN counselor Randy Strattis said.