Thorsby cracking down on leash law

Published 5:02 pm Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thorsby Police Chief Rodney Barnett has had enough of the animals running free around the town.

As animal complaint calls become more common—and as summer approaches, when more children will be outside playing—Barnett said police will begin cracking down on the town’s leash law.

“It’s kind of gotten out of hand,” Barnett said. “We’re to the point where more action will be taken.”

In the past, people whose pets have been picked up by an animal control officer and taken to the Chilton County Humane Society have simply picked their animals up from the shelter with minimal inconvenience or punishment.

Barnett said he has asked humane society officials to inform owners who arrive to pick up their pets to instead visit Thorsby Town Hall.

“Chances are, there are going to be charges pending,” he said.

Violation of the town’s leash law is a misdemeanor that carries a fine.

“Our intent the first time is to give them a notice,” Barnett said. “We’re not going to have any patience the second time.”

Roaming dogs and cats are even more of a concern going into the summer because more children will be at home and playing outside.

“The chances of them getting bitten or scratched is probably going to be higher,” Barnett said.

The Thorsby chief said he asks that owners be responsible for their pets, including providing them with food and fresh drinking water—and keeping them inside a fence or on a leash.

“Their owners are not taking care of them the way they should,” he said. “It’s not the animals’ fault that they’re hungry or allowed to roam free.”