Higgins Ferry parkhouse renovations planned

Published 8:29 pm Monday, April 23, 2012

The Chilton County Commission awarded a bid for renovations to the Higgins Ferry Park ranger’s house.

A bid of $20,842 by Clanton-based Vortex Construction was the lowest among three opened during the regular meeting at the Chilton County Courthouse. The commission accepted the bids and then allowed Pete Davenport, county maintenance supervisor, to review the bids to make sure they met the desired specifications.

Davenport returned minutes later to recommend the commission accept the low bid, which was passed unanimously.

Davenport was also part of a discussion with Tax Collector Tim Little about a renovation project in the tag office. Davenport was set to complete the project himself but ran into a problem with a wall that was to be torn down.

Because of the nature of the wall’s construction, it was determined a team would be needed to complete the work. The commission approved paying $1,500 to have the work done to the wall.

The money for the project was to come out of the Land Management Fund.

Little also told the commission of his office’s need for new printers, at a price tag of $3,100 for three of them. The commission requested that, before a decision could be made, he work with county Administrator Vanessa Hendrick to list his department’s expenses so far this fiscal year. Commissioners said they could not make a decision about the printers because Little never submitted an approved budget for the current fiscal year.

In other business, the commission:

•Heard from a group of residents about the condition of County Road 461. Commissioners told the disgruntled residents that roads were paved according to a points system and they could contact Wearren to see where their dirt road is on the list.

•Gave Engineer Tony Wearren permission to perform road work on County Road 42 at a cost of $7,500.

•Gave Wearren permission to repair Parnell Street in Maplesville. The town received a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to make repairs to the road after a tornado in January and will reimburse the county for the work of Wearren’s department.

•Agreed to allow advertising for the permanent closing of County Road 212 in the southwest part of the county. A local resident who owns all the land adjacent to the road has agreed to pay for the advertising, Wearren said.

•Amended a resolution creating a Chilton County 911 board to allow mayors to add city councilmembers to a list of officials who can serve in their stead on the board. Currently, fire department chiefs and police department chiefs could serve on the board. The amendment was made because of a request from Thorsby’s city council.