Clanton Police Department reports for the week of April 22, 2012

Published 2:42 pm Monday, April 23, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Clanton Police Department from April 9-15:

April 9

•Identity theft: 70 block, County Road 409

•Theft of property: 1400 block, Seventh St. S.

•Information report-death in field: 900 block, Eighth St. N.

•Information report: 100 block, Seventh St. S.

•Theft of property, unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle: Chilton County High School

•Theft of property-third degree: 1700 block, Kincheon Road

•Hindering prosecution (arrest): 300 block, City St.

•Theft-miscellaneous, theft of article from auto, fraudualent use of credit/debit card, theft of article from auto (arrest): 300 block, City St.

•Shoplifting (arrest): 300 block, City St.

•Failure to appear/comply/pay (arrest): Alabama 22 W at County Road 410

•Driving while license suspended, revoked, canceled, operating vehicle without insurance (arrest): 300 block, City St.

•Automobile incident: Samaria Road at Enterprise Road

•Automobile incident: Samaria Road at Enterprise Road

April 10

•Burglary: Key Properties Storage Buildings-Logan Road

•Information report-call to service: 400 block, Studdard Drive

•Information report-assist other agency: 600 block, First Ave.

•Terrorist threat: 1400 block, Seventh St. S.

•Cocaine-sell/distribute (two counts)(arrest): 100 block, 13th St.

•Auto theft (arrest): 600 block, First Ave.

•Probation violation (two counts) (arrest): 700 block, Keystone Drive

•Automobile accident: Second Ave. N. at Second St. N.

April 11

•Assault: 1000 block, Seventh St. N.

•Assault: 200 block, Seventh St. S.

•Harassment: Sixth St.

•Theft of property-third degree: 800 block, Logan Road

•Theft of property-third degree: 1400 block, Seventh St. S.

•Distribution of a controlled substance: 100 block, 13th St.

•Theft of property: 1600 block, Seventh St. S.

•Harassing communications: 1400 block, Taylor Ave.

•Probation violation (arrest): Shelby County Jail

•Possession of marijuana, attempting to elude law enforcement (arrest): 900 block, Second Ave. S.

•Probation violation (two counts) (arrest): 300 block, City St.

•Alias writ of arrest (three counts) (arrest): 300 block, City St.

•Alias writ of arrest (two counts) (arrest): 300 block, City St.

•Automobile accident: Seventh St. N. at New Harmony Road

April 12

•Theft of property-third degree: 100 block, Peachtree Lane

•Harassment: 900 block, Seventh St. N.

•Theft of property: 600 block, Second Ave. N.

•Probation violation (arrest): Fourth Ave. S. at 15th St.

•Alias writ of arrest (arrest): Smith St. at 15th St.

•Shoplifting (arrest): Fourth Ave. S. at Smith St.

April 13

•Illegal possession of prescription drugs: Lay Dam Road

•Information report-found property: 900 block, Dandy RV Drive

•Identity theft: 100 block, Coosa St.

•Identity theft: 700 block, Temple St.

•Information report-dispute: 100 block, Coker St.

•Possession of drug paraphernalia: 200 block, Temple Road

•Criminal mischief: 300 block, Smith St.

•Theft from public building (arrest): Dadeville County Jail

•Drug paraphernalia-first offense (arrest): 2100 block, Temple Road

•Automobile accident: Seventh St. S. at First Ave.

April 14

•Possession of drug paraphernalia (arrest): 1900 block, Hopewell Drive

•Information report-property damage: Interstate 65 Exit 208 Southbound

•Public intoxication: 300 block, Smith St.

April 15

•Information report-vehicle vs. deer: Seventh St. S.

•Criminal mischief: 900 block, First Ave. S.

•Information report-animal complaint: 800 block, 17th Ave. N.

•Alias writ of arrest (two counts): Alabaster Police Department

•Alias writ of arrest: Calera Police Department

•Aggravated assault/non family-other weapon, robbery-street-strong arm (arrest): Fourth Ave. S.

•Alias writ of arrest (four counts) (arrest): 600 block, Iowa Ave.