Chilton County Sheriff’s Department reports for the week of April 15

Published 11:39 pm Thursday, April 19, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Chilton County Sheriff’s Department from April 4-10:

April 4
•Driving under the influence-alcohol: 9900 block, County Road 15, Clanton
•Theft of property-third degree: 3700 block, Alabama 155, Montevallo
•Harassment: Montevallo
•Criminal mischief-third degree: 600 block, County Road 121, Jemison
•Animal complaint: Montevallo
•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-third degree: 900 block, County Road 800, Calera
•Possession of a forged instrument-second degree: Clanton
•Theft of property-first degree: 2100 block, County Road 76, Clanton
•Domestic violence-third degree: Jemison
•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-second degree: Plantersville

April 5
•Theft of property-third degree: Calera
•Theft of property-third degree, criminal trespass-third degree: County Road 59, Verbena
•Theft of property-third degree: Randolph
•Harassment: Clanton
•Property damage: Jemison
•Domestic incident: 300 block, County Road 894, Jemison
•Suspicious incident: Clanton

April 6
•Criminal trespass-third degree (two counts): Maplesville
•Public intoxication: 2900 block, County Road 55, Clanton
•Giving false identification to a law enforcement officer: Fifth St. and Fourth Ave. S.
•Missing person
•Theft of property-first degree: 1500 block, County Road 229, Thorsby
•Permitting livestock to run at large: 2500 block, County Road 107, Randolph
•Criminal mischief-second degree: 8300 block, County Road 51, Clanton
•For information only: 1300 block, County Road 131, Jemison
•Interference with child custody: Verbena High School
•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-second degree: 9600 block, County Road 9, Clanton
•Criminal mischief-third degree: 20 block, County Road 106, Montevallo
•Custody dispute: 500 block, Second Ave, N. Clanton
•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-second degree: Clanton

April 7
•Death investigation: Plantersville
•Theft of property-second degree: 700 block, County Road 385, Maplesville
•Theft of property-second degree: Clanton
•Theft of property-third degree: 9900 block, U.S. 82, Maplesville
•Custody dispute: Clanton
•Identity theft: 100 block, County Road 705
•Missing person: 200 block, County Road 586, Clanton
•Domestic violence-third degree: Montevallo
•Criminal mischief-third degree: 900 block, County Road 182, Clanton

April 8
•Attempted suicide: Clanton
•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-third degree: Clanton
•Domestic violence-third degree: Thorsby

April 9
•Harassment: 20 block, County Road 506, Jemison
•Theft of property-second degree, harassment: 100 block, County Road 1037
•Public intoxication: Clanton
•Domestic violence-third degree: Thorsby
•Theft of property-third degree: unspecified
•Identity theft: 2000 block, County Road 230, Clanton
•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-first degree: 9000 block, Alabama 145, Clanton
•Theft of property-second degree, burglary-third degree: 1200 County Road 136, Jemison
•Domestic violence-third degree: 3700 block, County Road 7, Clanton
•Harassing communications: Billingsley
•Public intoxication, probation violation, illegal possession of prescription drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia: County Road 17 and County Road 808, Maplesville

April 10
•Possession of marijuana-second degree: County Road 607/Flat Lands, Clanton
•Assault-third degree: 200 block, County Road 510, Verbena
•Theft of property-third degree: Clanton
•Burglary-third degree, criminal mischief-first degree: Montevallo
•Theft of property-third degree: Verbena
•Unspecified incident: 400 block, County Road 359, Maplesville
•Criminal mischief-third degree: Billingsley