Clean-up targets litter, mindset

Published 10:16 pm Monday, April 16, 2012

Organizers of Saturday’s clean-up day in Clanton hope to do more than pick up litter — they hope to make people think before throwing that next bottle or fast food wrapper out the window.

The first-ever community-wide clean-up day will be Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., operating out of Goosepond Park.

Ahead of the actual workday, litter bags for vehicles are being given out this week at all four of Clanton’s schools.

Councilwoman Mary Mell Smith said she hopes students taken the bags home and start a discussion about littering.

“If we can start with them at a younger age, maybe we can make a difference,” Smith said. “We have to start somewhere. We want to keep Clanton as beautiful as it is, but we need some help.”

Studies have shown that the majority of people who litter are under the age of 30, Smith said.

On Saturday, volunteers will assemble at Goosepond and be given specific streets to tackle.

Several churches and other groups have signed up to participate. Some teams are working in the morning and some in the afternoon.

“You can work anytime during that time,” Smith said.

Volunteers will be given trash bags and rubber gloves. City workers will come back through and pick up the bags.

Though litter is a problem everywhere, Saturday’s effort will only target Clanton’s main thoroughfares, like U.S. 31, Alabama 145, Friendship Road, Hinkle Road and Lake Mitchell Road.

Police will help control traffic on busier streets like U.S. 31 and Alabama 145. Volunteers will only pick up litter on one side of the road to prevent people from having to cross back and forth, Smith said.

Anyone wanting to help can just show up to Goosepond Park anytime Saturday.

“We will take any help that wants to come out,” Smith said.