Tigers tennis teams go combined 24-2

Published 4:42 pm Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chilton County High School’s boys and girls tennis teams have each lost only one match.

The Tigers hope to keep it that way as the postseason begins next week.

CCHS’s girls and boys will compete in sectional tournaments at Walker High School in Jasper on April 16 and 17, respectively.

“We think the team has performed very well this year,” boys co-captain Nicholas Lyn said. “With only one loss, we have had one of the best seasons in Tiger history.”

The teams—both of which finished the regular season with a 12-1 record—could have extra motivation next week because coach Emily Espenan has informed the team that this will be her last season as coach.

“I am so proud of my boys and girls teams,” Espenan said. “They worked extremely hard this year, and their records show it. Each player has impressed me on and off the courts with their dedication to academics and athletics.

“As a coach, I am confident that we will do well in our upcoming tournament at Walker High School. Both teams are prepared and ready to show the other schools what the Tigers are made of.”

Both Lyn and fellow co-captain Rett Russell were chosen as team leaders for two consecutive years.

“It means a lot for us to be chosen as captains two years in a row,” Russell said.

The girls captains are Anna Adams and Laura Evans.

“We feel like the girls team will do well at sectionals,” Adams said.

Evans added: “We’ve improved since the beginning of the year and we are still showing progress.”

Below is a list of the players that comprise the CCHS tennis teams, with each player’s year in school, experience, singles record and doubles record:

The Chilton County boys tennis team includes: Conner Morgan, Chase Baker, Weston Harris, Andrew Cantley, Ryan Baker, A.J. Davidson and Rett Russell. Not pictured is Nicholas Lyn.


1. Nicholas Lyn (sophomore, fourth season, 7-4, 10-2)

2. Rett Russell (junior, third season, 11-0, 10-2)

3. Weston Harris (senior, first season, 11-1, 12-1)

4. Chase Baker (junior, third season, 10-1, 12-1)

5. Andrew Cantley (senior, first season, 11-1, 2-0)

6. A.J. Davidson (senior, second season, 11-0, 2-0)

7. Ryan Baker (junior, first season, 3-0, 9-2)

8. Conner Morgan (freshman, second season, 4-0, 9-2)

The girls tennis team includes: Anna Adams, Laura Evans, Anna Bearden, Mary Colby Kelley, Krissi Jones, Jessica Morgan, Ada Ruth Huntley and Caitlyn Smith.


1. Ada Ruth Huntley (seventh grade, first season, 8-3, 11-1)

2. Anna Adams (junior, third season, 7-4, 6-6)

3. Laura Evans (junior, second season, 6-5, 6-6)

4. Mary Colby Kelley (junior, third season, 9-2, 11-1)

5. Anna Bearden (junior, second season, 9-1, 2-0)

6. Krissi Jones (junior, second season, 9-1, 9-2)

7. Jessica Morgan (junior, first season, 8-2, 3-0)

8. Caitlyn Smith (freshman, first season, 5-1, 10-2)