Clanton Fire Department reports for the week of April 8

Published 12:54 pm Thursday, April 12, 2012

The following are Clanton Fire Department incidents for March 28-April 3:

March 28

•Motor vehicle accident: 500 block, 11th St. N.

•Fall, 800 block, Scott Drive

March 29

•Fire alarm, 3300 block, Lay Dam Road

•Difficulty breathing, 4000 block, Fourth Ave. N.

•Altered mental status, 200 block, Willis Circle

•Fall, 800 block, Scott Drive

•Diabetic emergency, 2800 block, Seventh St. N.

March 30

•Motor vehicle accident, Fourth Ave. N. and Seventh St. N.

•General illness, 800 block, Scott Drive

•General illness, 400 block, Sixth St. N.

•General illness, 900 block, Fifth Ave. N.

•Altered mental status, 600 block, First Ave. N.

March 31

•Altered mental status, 400 block, Studdard Drive

•Motor vehicle accident, I-65, 212-mile marker north bound

•Bleeding, non-traumatic: 2800 block, Seventh St. N.

•Fuel spill, 2600 block, Lay Dam Road

•General illness, 20 block, Fifth Ave. S.

•Altered mental status, 200 block, 10th St. N.

April 1

•Fall, 400 block, Second St. S.

•Chest pain, 200 block, Eighth St. N.

•Motor vehicle accident, Second Ave. N. and Seventh St.

•Motor vehicle accident, Ollie Avenue and Seventh St. N.

•Syncope, 1400 block, Woodfin Lane

•Chest pain: 2100 block, Seventh St. S.

•Motor vehicle accident, I-65, 209-mile marker north bound

•General illness, 900 block, Fifth Ave. N.

•Fall, 200 block, Thompson Ave.

•General illness, 900 block Fifth Ave. N.

•Motor vehicle accident, I-65, 210-mile marker north bound

•Blood pressure check, 2800 block, Seventh St. N.

April 2

•Chest pain: 1300 block, Woodfine Lane

•General illness: 2800 block, Seventh St. N.

•Assist occupant: 800 block, 17th Ave. N.

•General illness, 800 block, 17th Ave. N.

•Assist occupant, 600 block, Second Ave. N.

•Motor vehicle accident, First St. and Second Ave.

•Blood pressure check: 100 block, Highland Ave.

April 3

•General illness, 1400 block, Seventh St. S.

•General illness: 200 block, Willis Circle

•Helicopter landing zone, Price Drive

•Motor vehicle accident, 200 block, Seventh St. S.

•Seizure, Fourth Ave. N. and Eighth St. N.