Seminar to assist adults considering college

Published 3:53 pm Thursday, April 5, 2012

High school students interested in going to college can seek advice from guidance counselors as they delve into the application process.

However, adults going to college for the first time or going back to finish may not have someone to ask for help.

A program called New Options at Jefferson State Community College offers a free seminar for adults who are thinking about taking college classes.

New Options staff member Ann Fulmer will lead the seminar at Jefferson State’s Chilton-Clanton campus Thursday, April 19 from 6-8 p.m.

“If you start now, you will be somewhere,” Fulmer said. “We’re not pushing a degree. We’ll be here to help you with registration (and) choosing your classes. It’s bright and fun.”

The seminar will also provide information about financial aid opportunities, vocational assessment and career counseling.

Based on personal experiences, former seminar participants who became successful students will offer tips about beginning college for the first time and returning to college after years as a homemaker or an underemployed worker, Fulmer said.

The seminar is open to individuals who meet one of the following qualifications: single adult at least 25 years old, married, divorced, single parent or GED recipient.

First-time college students at Jefferson State do not have to take an entrance exam.

Acceptance is based on having a high school diploma as defined by the Alabama State Board of Education or a Certificate of High School Equivalency (GED Certificate).

For more information, call the New Options staff at 1-800-239-5900 ext. 7718.