Downtown building to be torn down

Published 2:57 pm Friday, March 30, 2012

This building behind MorLyn’s Fine Jewelry, Gifts & Antiques is in the process of being torn down.

Rumors have circulated for months now about the fate of an old building located on Highway 31 in downtown Clanton.

Ann and Tommy Glasscock, owners of MorLyn’s Fine Jewelry, Gifts & Antiques, are putting the rumors to rest with their decision to tear the building down and construct a parking lot in its place.

“We decided it would be more beneficial for us to take down that building and make a parking lot for MorLyn’s,” Ann said. “It’s an eyesore. It’s just not a usable building.”

The Glasscocks inherited the building from Ann’s father, who used it as a storage warehouse for the family’s clothing store years ago.

Originally, the space was part of a larger, L-shaped building that spanned the block and housed Elmore’s, a local five-and-dime store.

“Somewhere along the line, before my dad purchased the building, it was bricked back up to make two separate buildings,” Ann said.

Recently, the building’s front window was shattered when a driver swerved to avoid running over a cat and hit the building instead.

Ann said they decided not to replace the window because they were unsure what to do with the space at the time.

“To us, it’s way more beneficial to free up the parking to our customers,” Ann said, noting the shortage of parking spaces in the downtown area. “I think it will hold eight spaces.”

Ann said four would be reserved for MorLyn’s staff, which would leave four for customers.

The couple expects the building to be leveled and the parking lot finished in another month.

“It would be ready as soon as possible,” Ann said. “Just bear with us a little bit longer. It will be very attractive when we get through.”