Clanton Fire Department reports for the week of March 25

Published 7:59 pm Friday, March 23, 2012

The following are Clanton Fire Department reports for March 14-20:

March 14

•2300 Block 4th Avenue North-general illness

•1000 Block Lay Dam Road-motor vehicle accident

•20 Block 5th Avenue South-extremity injury

•100 Block Peach Tree Lane-seizure

March 15

•2500 Block 7th Street South-chest pain

•100 Block Marion Avenue-assist occupant

•1000 Block Temple Road-bleeding non-traumatic

•2100 Block 7th Street South-unresponsive

•300 Block Airport Road-seizure

•100 Block Lilly Street-difficulty breathing

•3000 Block 7th Street North-chest pain

March 16

•100 Block 7th Street South-motor vehicle accident

•2500 Block 7th Street South-chest pain

•100 Block Peach Tree Lane-bleeding non-traumatic

•800 Block Logan Road-chest pain

March 17

•1000 Block Rollan Street-structure fire

•2000 Block 4th Avenue North-assault

•2800 Block 7th Street North-unresponsive

March 18

•I-65 209 Mile Marker North Bound-motor vehicle accident

•600 Block Airport Road-motor vehicle accident

•100 Block Liberty Street north-seizure

•200 Block Thompson Avenue-unresponsive

•1200 Block 5th Avenue North-unresponsive

•800 Block Logan Road-chest pain

•100 Block Dogwood Court-false alarm

•3000 Block 7th Street North-blood pressure check

March 19

•3600 Block Yellowleaf Road-diabetic emergency

March 20

•300 Block Arby Drive-difficulty breathing

•2500 Block 7th Street South-chest pain

•100 Block Peach Tree Lane-brush fire

•Intersection Lay Dam Road and Craig Circle-assist police department

•700 Block 8th Street North-chest pain