Chilton County Sheriff’s Department reports for the week of March 25

Published 8:02 pm Friday, March 23, 2012

The following are Chilton County Sheriff’s Department reports for March 14-20:

March 14

•Domestic violence-third degree, domestic violence-second degree: County Road 41, Clanton

•Assault-third degree: Isabella School, Maplesville

•Money scam: Calera

•Burglary-third degree: Highway 22, Clanton

•Identity theft: County Road 28, Clanton

•Theft of property-first degree: Interstate 65 between 219 and 212 mile markers, Jemison

•Found property: County Road 443, Verbena

•Attempting to elude a police officer, giving false identification to law enforcement officer: County Road 313, Stanton

•Theft of property-second degree: 200 block County Road 243, Clanton

March 15

•Possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, illegal possession of prescription drugs: County roads 47 and 422, Clanton

•Possession of marijuana-second degree, possession of drug paraphernalia: County Road 753, Clanton

•Domestic violence-third degree, alias writ of arrest: Montevallo

•Criminial mischief-third degree: Maplesville

•Criminal trespass by vehicle: Jemison

•Criminal trespass-third degree: Clanton

•Domestic violence-third degree

•Harassment-County Road 853, Montevallo

•Illegal possession of prescription drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia: 200 block of County Road 136, Jemison

•Domestic violence-third degree: Jemison

•Civil matter: Clanton

•Domestic violence-third degree: County Road 365, Clanton

March 16

•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-second degree: Lawley

•Disturbance: County Road 754, Clanton

•Criminal trespass-first degree: Clanton

•Theft of property-first degree, criminal mischief-first degree: County Road 42, Jemison

•Theft of property-first degree, burglary-third degree: County Road 113, Montevallo

•Unauthorized use of a vehicle: Maplesville

•Missing check book: Clanton

•Death investigation: Clanton

•Sexual abuse of a child less than 12 years old: Calera

•Death in field: County Road 216, Thorsby

•Accidental self-shooting: Verbena

•Harassing communications: Clanton

•Domestic violence-third degree: Clanton

March 17

•Incident: Jemison

•Theft of property-first degree: Clanton

•Domestic violence-third degree: Clanton

•Shooting investigation: County Road 131, Jemison

•Reckless endangerment, discharge firearm into an unoccupied dwelling or vehicle, burglary-first degree, criminal mischief-first degree: County Road 16, Clanton

March 18

•Harassing communications: Interstate 65 Southbound, Clanton

•Criminal trespass-third degree: Verbena

•Domestic violence-third degree: Jemison

•K-9 offense: County Road 1012, Montevallo

•Domestic incident: County Road 123, Jemison

•Wreck: Coodey Road, Clanton

•Found property: Billingsley

•Suspicious incident: County Road 380, Maplesville

March 19

•Domestic violence-third degree: Clanton

•DOA: Verbena

•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-second degree: County Road 50, Jemison

•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-first degree: Verbena

•Incident: Clanton

•Burglary-third degree, theft of property-second degree: County Road 43, Clanton

•Harassment: Isabella School, Maplesville

•Harassing communications: County Road 18 West, Clanton

March 20

•Incident: 500 Second Ave. N., Room 101, Clanton

•Rape-second degree: Clanton

•Civil matter: Maplesville

•Suspicious incident: County Road 216, Thorsby