Chase instigator faces another theft charge

Published 3:17 pm Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A man who allegedly stole a vehicle and then led police on a chase Tuesday has been charged with a second vehicle theft.


Dustin Wade Martin, 26, of Montevallo was arrested Tuesday by Maplesville Police officers when the vehicle he was fleeing in ran out of gas one mile north of Maplesville High School.

Police say Martin stole the 2002 Acura from a fuel station in Jemison. The victim told officials he was giving Martin a ride home when he stopped for gasoline. When he went inside to pre-pay, Martin took off in the car.

Martin is also suspected of taking a vehicle from a co-worker at CRH early Monday morning, Clanton Police Department David Clackley said.

Apparently, Martin stole the vehicle belonging to a fellow worker who was working a late shift. He left that vehicle on the side of the road just outside of town when it ran out of fuel.

Clackley said CPD was prepared to charge Martin with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle–until the incident Tuesday.

“The reason we didn’t arrest him is they ride to work together, and he drives the car sometimes,” Clackley said.

But now that it’s clear Martin was trying to steal vehicles, he will face a charge of felony theft first-degree from the CPD, in addition to various charges from Jemison’s and Maplesville’s police departments.