School Internet safety policy to be discussed March 13

Published 2:27 pm Friday, March 2, 2012

The Chilton County School System will hold a meeting for the public to discuss the system’s Internet Safety Policy on March 13 at 3:30 p.m. at the Chilton County Board of Education.

“Every year, I like to kind of update it to see if there is anything we need to add to the policy,” said Mary Clyde Huff, technology coordinator for Chilton County Schools. “We probably need to look at it and make sure we have all of our bases covered. We want to stay current in our ideas.”

The policy is included in the parent-student handbook, and parents must sign off on it every year.

“Any suggestions from parents will be taken to the board,” Huff said. “Any policy changes, the board will have to approve. We have to go through the proper channels.”

Parents, administrators, teachers and even local business leaders are encouraged to come and contribute to the discussion.

“We just want to keep our children safe while they’re surfing the Internet,” Huff said. “We follow strictly the Child Internet Protection Act, called CIPA. That will stay in effect in our system.”

Huff said all social networking websites are blocked on school computers in the county.

The new policy will be posted for 30 days after the March 13 meeting to “give the public a chance to voice whether they approve the policy,” Huff said.

The board will review all recommendations for policy changes in April and will hold a final vote to approve it.

The policy for the 2012-2013 school year will go into effect in May.

“We not only have a policy – we have training too,” Huff said, adding that the schools periodically hold student assemblies on Internet safety and cyber bullying.