Commission hopes to clear up confusion with polling sites

Published 5:31 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Chilton County Commission on Monday made a move it hopes will clear up confusion about polling places.

The county pays rent to fire departments and other organizations for use of their facilities during elections as polling places, and the motion was to enter into new five-year agreements with each of the county’s 18 voting sites.

Representatives from the American Legion Post 6–a polling place used by the county–addressed the commission at its last meeting, on Feb. 13, because a lease between the group and the county had expired and also because Post 6 hadn’t received payment from the county in several years.

Leases call for the county to pay $200 a year to each polling place, regardless of how many elections are held in a year or whether there’s an election at all.

The commission vowed to look into the matter, and Monday’s vote was the result of that process.

County administrator Vanessa Hendrick said at the Feb. 13 meeting that if Post 6 hadn’t been paid then other polling places were probably in the same situation because payments would be sent to all the sites at one time.

In the past, the commission has entered into leases of either two years or five years. Under Monday’s resolution, all of the new leases will be for five-year terms.