Drug arrests follow undercover operations

Published 5:04 pm Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two Clanton men were arrested last week following undercover drug operations.

De’Andre Shamar Jemison of Clanton was charged with two counts of distribution of a controlled substance on Friday, Feb. 17. CPD narcotics detectives have spent months working on making undercover drug buys from Jemison, Police Chief Brian Stilwell said.

“Mr. Jemison is not what we would call a street level dealer. He is one that our street level dealers are getting their drugs from,” Stilwell said. “It took some time being able to work inside his network to make these cases.”

Jemison was out on bond for a prior drug arrest when arrested Friday. He was placed in the Chilton County Jail on a $60,000 bond, which he has since made.

“It is frustrating that we continue to deal with the same people and that Mr. Jemison is back out on the streets again after Friday’s arrest,” Stilwell said.

Clanton officers also arrested Ronrico Williams of Clanton on Feb. 16 for three counts of distribution, one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.

CPD detectives executed a drug search warrant in the 1100th block of First Ave., where narcotics detectives have made undercover buys from Williams, Stilwell said.

This search marks the second time a drug warrant has been served in that block of First Avenue in a year, Stilwell said.

“Mr. Williams is also not considered a street level dealer,” Stilwell said. “Cpt. (David) Kline and Sgt. (David) Bone worked for months getting inside his network to be able to make these buys.”

Williams was placed in the Chilton County Jail under bonds totaling $93,750. He has since posted bail and been released, Stilwell said.

“I don’t understand why more cannot be done to keep these guys off our streets. They do not live in the West End community but are delivering drugs to be sold on our streets, forcing the good people to live in fear,” Stilwell said. “Some will say drugs are a nonviolent crime. Those people need to ask someone who lives near a drug house if it’s a nonviolent crime.”

CPD detectives recovered a large amount of ammunition from the warrants but found no guns.

“If our (state) court systems are not better funded, and if they are cut even more than they have been already, it is going to be tough getting these guys off the street,” Stilwell said.

The department also thanked Chilton County Sheriff Office’s narcotics agents for their help with the operations.